Powering The Personalization Era

90% of customers expect personalized experiences, but companies can’t deliver them. Kizen and Zoe make it easy for any company, in any industry, to personalize every experience, delight customers, and drive more revenues.

In the Era of Personalization, complete and seamless integration isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. Kizen is the only technology solutions provider built from scratch to provide the seamless integration of all the technology needed to deliver personalized experiences at scale and on all the highest ROI channels.

The Era of Personalization is Here

Your customers demand products and experiences made for them, always available, and completely frictionless. Kizen and Zoe provide everything needed to succeed in the Era of Personalization.

Personalized Experiences Create:


Increase in



Decrease in
Acquistion Cost



ROI Increase
on Marketing


Why they chose Kizen

Werqwise Coworking Spaces

“ We wanted automation that actually makes the experience more human. With Kizen, we’ve been able to achieve that - providing better experiences for our members while saving time for our team. Additionally, the clarity Kizen and Zoe have given us into every aspect of our operations has been very helpful. ”

Nabeel Ahmed  /  Vice President, Werqwise

Kizen and Zoe Deliver From Day 1

Kizen and Zoe naturally fit into your existing technology stack and processes. Get set up without code or expensive consultants.

Use Kizen To Align Your
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Use Kizen As Your Entire
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The Central System Every Business Needs

Over 100 Million Personalized Experiences

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  • Brown Advisory
  • Werqwise Coworking Spaces
  • Energy Net
  • Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust