Data, Automation, and AI
for Everyone

100% No-Code. 100% Awesome.

Data, Automation, and AI
for Everyone

100% No-Code. 100% Awesome.

Kizen Helps Sales, Marketing, and Ops Teams Amaze Customers, Increase Profits, and Spend Their Time on What Matters Most.

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Kizen is composed of no-code, enterprise-grade products built on a unified data platform to unlock faster growth, higher profitability, and new heights of productivity.

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Kizen’s best-practice workflow templates designed for Sales, Operations, Marketing and more.

Before Kizen, 93% of companies were failing to leverage Data, Automation, and AI due to the cost and unnecessary complexities of legacy providers.

Kizen democratizes cutting edge technologies including big data, automation, and AI to help teams do more and everyone live better.

Unite teams, data, and technologies

The 4 Kizen Advantages That Change Everything

01 Hyper-Customize in Minutes

10x the speed at 10% the cost of legacy providers

02 More Intelligent Automation

Save time and deliver better experiences

03 Personalized Insights

Generate insights across the enterprise

04 Seamless Collaboration

Unite teams, data and technologies

Don’t just take our word for it; hear from real Kizen customers.

“Part of the power of Kizen is the ability to continually update and refine our business development pursuits and contracted projects. I see a million different ways this is going to help our business.”

Rio Franzman, COO and Director of Business Development, KC Harvey

“I was tired of piecing together several mediocre software solutions to tackle my marketing and sales initiatives. Kizen gave me an "all-in-one" solution that allowed me to collect, store, and take informed action on my data. I've experienced huge time savings and an increase in company revenue.”

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“Kizen's automations have helped me save 10-15 hours of my time weekly by putting administrative and operational tasks on autopilot. More importantly, this functionality has allowed me to create dynamic customer experiences at every stage of my B2B funnels increasing my bottom line.”

G2 Review

“We went from using multiple systems with disorganized client data to a streamlined workflow. Now we let Kizen worry about the small stuff so we can focus on growing sales.”

Ali Elyasi, VP of Sales, Werqwise

“I wanted a system that was simple enough people would actually use and would support our company’s growth. With Kizen, it’s seamless to deliver data, build automations, and keep prospects in the pipeline. We immediately started seeing benefits.”

Joe Etheredge, CEO, MaxTrans

“Kizen is a game-changer. She frees our coordinators from sourcing participants to serving patients. Kizen has truly fast-tracked our ability to bring life-changing treatments to those who need them most.”

Dr. Paul Winner, Sr. Director, Attending Neurologist, Premiere Research Institute

“Kizen is among the best CRM products that you can find in the market since it allows me to save my information in various formats. The product is superb when compared to other software in asset management since it is very fast and easy to use.”

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