Our Story

We build next-gen technology that helps amazing teams improve the world and be the ultimate force for good.

Kizen is a purpose-built, next-gen platform that exists to make new technologies like intelligent automation, digital assistants, “big data,” and AI incredibly easy to access and easy to use so businesses can grow faster and work smarter now – to the benefit of their customers, their teams, their communities and themselves.

A Next-Gen Platform To Power The Future of Business

As consultants for businesses on Wall Street and Main Street, Kizen founders John Winner and Scott Turner saw firsthand that legacy technology was making business too hard, slow, siloed, and inefficient. So, they wondered...

If every team and business had easy access to new technologies, how much better could our world become?

This question led to Kizen being founded in 2014. After 4 years of careful development, Kizen was released in 2018 in a private beta with 200 companies in 25 industries. The Kizen team collected careful feedback to refine and release the Kizen Platform in 2021: the fastest, easiest way for any company in any industry to work smarter and grow faster.

We’re A Team on a Mission to Empower Yours & Ensure Prosperity For All

Kizen exists to advance humanity and bring prosperity to everyone in every part of the world.

Ambitious? We agree! Here’s how we’re doing that:

Empower Amazing Teams

We believe teams like yours can be the ultimate force for good and we’re building the technology to both unleash your potential and maximize your positive impact so together we can fill the world with amazing, personalized experiences for everyone, everywhere.

Personalized Education For All

We also dedicate 10% of our time and technology to educational institutions and non-profits with a special focus on comprehensive, personalized learning and life skills programs for both children and adults.

Kizen Core Values


We are true partners you can rely on to protect your data and answer any question, any time.


We are never satisfied with the status quo. Continuous improvement (Kaizen) is always our goal.


We believe everyone, everywhere should have an equal opportunity to live a life of abundance.


We strive to always see the positive and leave things – the environment and the world at large – better than we found them.

Meet The Kizen Leadership Team

Meet The
Kizen Leadership

And We’re Hiring People Who Want to Build Something Special

Our mission is only possible through the dedicated efforts of amazing individuals. That’s why our leadership team is just as intentional about the company and its culture as it is about the product it’s creating.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to make a real difference, consider this your opportunity.

All Kizen Employees Enjoy

The Best Healthcare + Dental Plans

To make sure your health is always taken care of.

Significant Equity

To make sure you benefit in a big way from your contributions.

A True Meritocracy

To ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute and is rewarded for those contributions - regardless of age, race, or gender.

Professional Development Plans

To help you be your best, whatever that looks like for you.