The Three Reasons Why Kizen is the World's Smartest CRM

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Automatic Data Sync

Kizen gathers, connects, and organizes data from across the customer journey to give teams a single source of truth—automatically. Team members on Kizen never have to enter anything twice and can easily access up-to-date data.

Accurate Insights In Real-Time

Kizen makes it easy for everyone on the team to gain the insights needed to drive more revenue. Kizen’s integrated data platform ensures accurate and up-to-date dashboards and forecasts.

Built For Automation and AI

Kizen is the first CRM built from the ground up for automation and AI. Kizen gives companies an efficiency and intelligence edge. The Kizen platform provides a path for teams to quickly and easily deploy practical revenue driving automation and AI today.

Collaborate Like Never Before

We believe every great achievement is done through amazing teamwork. Kizen is completely socially enabled, so you can easily mention team members when their help or attention is needed. Discussion on each task, deal, prospect, and customer is then automatically organized in a single location for easy reference.

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Built For Modern Business

Ten to twenty years newer than competitors, Kizen is the only enterprise-grade CRM that builds features from scratch, based on today’s needs, rather than cobbling together products through acquisitions. This means Kizen is streamlined, easier to use, and far more powerful as it’s free from legacy architecture holding it back.

Powerful Automations

Kizen empowers your team members to automate non-strategic tasks like data gathering and follow-up, so they can focus on high-value activities.

Streamlined Workflows

Kizen features are robust and complete, often able to fulfill all business needs without third-party add-ons. We take pride in maximizing the efficiency and impact of each user. Kizen features are all built—not bought—so they work seamlessly with each other.

Accessible Everywhere

Our mobile-first approach ensures you can use Kizen on computers, tablets, and phones.

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Plug and Play+

Get started in minutes, not months—without ever touching a line of code. Kizen works right out of the box for most companies without any need for third parties.


Kizen's interfaces are carefully crafted to be simple enough for any user. Each interaction is curated to be as quick, easy, and beautiful as possible—so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Maximum Flexibility

Kizen is extremely flexible and can be easily customized to fit your exact business processes without ever needing to write a line of code.

Supported By a World-Class Customer Success Team

Our entire team comes from a consulting background and we know how important support is to ensuring amazing experiences. To ensure you’re always supported, Kizen’s world-class success team and partners are available 24/7.