The Future of CRM Within the Logistics & Transportation Industries

At Kizen we understand the staggering fact that only the top 7% of companies have the capital, infrastructure, and ability to implement today’s automation and insight technologies. We’ve made it our mission to bring the remaining 93% of companies up to speed and level the playing field. 

Kizen is the first no-code and enterprise-grade CRM, Insights, and Operations Platform. With Kizen, all team members with the skillset to use email and PowerPoint can build custom enterprise applications for any business process. Integrated data, intelligent automation, and actionable insights are now available to companies with any budget.

In our recent webinar, The Future of CRM Within the Logistics & Transportation Industries, our Founder, John Winner, and Solutions Engineer, Charlie Britt take you through some of the functionality that we have developed specifically for logistics, freight, and transportation businesses. Companies just like yours.

Watch the webinar for free below:

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