Behavioral Tracking

Track Every Digital Interaction

Kizen’s Behavioral Tracking gives companies the ability to easily track a customer’s journey across emails, websites, ads, and custom web, iOS, and Android applications. Easily use this rich data to identify intent, anticipate needs, and optimize everything.

Website Interactions

Track Web Visits

Simply add one line of code to any website to track each page a customer visits. Page visits are unified across devices, automatically added to the customer’s profile, and display on the timeline.

Email Interactions

Rich Email Interaction Tracking

Kizen automatically captures advanced email interaction data. Go beyond open rates and track attachments and specific link clicks for every email and campaign.

Custom Interactions. Interaction Attributes.

Track Custom Web & Mobile Applications

Pass user actions from your custom built web, IOS, and Android apps to Kizen easily and in real time. Utilize Attributes to pass metadata on specific activities including logins, feature usage, and more.

Ads Integrations

Track Advertising Interactions

Kizen’s native integrations with Google Ads and Facebook Ads allow teams to track and optimize interactions from different campaigns. Easily maximize the efficiency of every dollar spent.