Kizen Business Intelligence

Actionable Insights.

Every day, your team is forced to make dozens of decisions that impact revenues significantly over time. Here at Kizen, we believe in giving every member of your team accurate, actionable insights that can help them make the best decisions possible. We focus on answering the most important questions your marketing, sales, and executive teams have, and combine all data from across the customer journey to give you a complete, and highly accurate view of your business.

Kizen Marketing Cloud

Know Your Numbers

With Kizen Insights, you'll always know where your business stands on its most important metrics.

Kizen Forecast


Accurately forecast the future and bring predictability to your processes. Start planning smarter.

Kizen Visualization


Easily turn complex data from multiple sources into intuitive visualizations for immediate analysis.

Kizen ROI


Measure the revenue impact of sales activities and marketing campaigns in real time.

Tie team members to their revenue impact.

Kizen streamline graphic


Uncover the trends behind what's working best, and quickly notice anything that needs attention. Use intelligent, dynamic lead scoring to focus your sales team on the best opportunities, give marketing the tools needed to track and maximize the ROI on every campaign, and clearly see the impact of your customer success teams.

Kizen zoe graphic

Better with Zoe

If desired, you can take things to the next level with AI. Put Zoe to work for your business and let her discover patterns in your most valuable opportunities and customers, so sales and marketing can refine focus and tactics and identify the customer accounts that need the most attention.


Add dashlets to your dashboards for anything you want to track and easily filter dashboard results to only include groups of contacts or companies, team members, or date ranges.

Kizen ROI dashboards

Measure Everything

Create dashlets for any data source including surveys, forms, activities, revenues, pipelines, emails, and interactions.

Kizen dashboard

Goals & Forecasts

Forecast accurately. Utilize the data in your pipelines to generate accurate revenue forecasts, track progress toward quotas and goals, and see how long deals or projects are spending in each stage.

Kizen Team Member Leaderboards
Kizen zoe graphic

Insights with Zoe