Next-Gen Sales Insights

Insights to help you win more deals.

Kizen delivers accurate, real-time insights to help your sales team understand what’s working, forecast accurately, and know where to focus to close more deals. Ensure your team and management have real-time, accurate answers to the most important questions at all times.

Kizen Sales Intelligence
Activity Tracking

See how much activity your team is doing

Generally, an active team is a very productive team. Kizen makes it easy to generate dashlets and reports on any individual or team, for any specific time range, and for any group of contacts or customers.

Kizen activity tracking
Kizen Activity Trends
Activity Trends

See how activity is trending.

With Activity Trend Charts, teams and managers can easily see how their activity is trending over time. Putting an Activity Trend Chart next to an Opportunity Trend Chart quickly visualizes how more activity yields more opportunity and won deals.

Real-Time Sales Forecasts

How much will we close this month?

The most important question for every sales team is whether they’re on track to hit their number. Kizen generates a real-time sales forecast based on all the deals in your pipeline, their expected win percentage, and their close date. Easily set to any time frame. Stages are color coded for easy reference.

Kizen Sales Team Forecasts
Kizen Sales Pipelines
Sales Pipeline Breakdown

How much is in our pipeline?

Easily see exactly where you stand at all times with a Sales Pipeline Breakdown that shows the number and total amount of deals in every stage of the pipeline. Easily segment by team member or customer group to dig deeper into the data.

Sales Optimization

See where you’re losing deals.

One of the easiest ways to win more deals is to better understand where deals are getting stuck and why their lost. The Opportunity Conversion dashlet helps you understand how far deals are progressing and how long they spend in each stage.

Kizen Sales Optimization
Kizen Sales Trends
Sales Trends

See how sales and deals are trending.

Easily visualize the trends of each stage in your sales funnel. High performing teams typically have growth in both close deals and qualified opportunity values over time. Easily display by value or number of deals and sort by team member.

Zoe AI

Get even smarter insights with Zoe AI.

Discover trends and patterns in your data, get suggested follow-ups, and determine likelihood to close intelligently based on past data. If you’re interested in being on the cutting edge of sales analytics, talk to our team about joining the beta.

Kizen Zoe Data Syncing