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Unify All Your Most Important Data.

Meet the Next-Gen Kizen Data Cloud

Kizen’s Data Cloud provides a single repository to store all of your data, completely customizable to your business. With its ease of use and layers of security, both your development teams and business teams will love using Kizen as a real-time tool to access the most important data quickly and easily.

Kizen Data Cloud

How Kizen Ensures All Your Teams Have The Data They Need

Kizen Unites All Your Most
Important Data

Kizen Syncs All Your Most Important Data
Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Store all information about a customer, company, or contact in a single profile, with custom fields for files, tags, dates, numbers, selections, and more. Fields update automatically in real-time as information changes.

Kizen API Keys

Enrich your customer profiles with interests, demographics, and employment history with just an email, phone number, or social handle. Easily pass data from other apps such as ClearBit and FullContact into the Customer Data Platform with Kizen’s Connect API.

Kizen Data Cloud

Sort customers, companies, and contacts by any field, tag, response, or other interaction to easily create groups. Groups update automatically in real-time with every change in data. Snapshot any group at any time to create a report.

Kizen Interaction Tracking

Capture every website, app, text, social, and email interaction to better understand your customer’s unique interests. See historical interactions, communications, purchases, forms, and more in a single timeline.

Kizen Timelines

Add one line of code to any website to track each page a customer visits, clicks, and interacts with. Page visits are unified across devices, automatically added to the customer’s profile, and displayed on the timeline.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Kizen automatically captures advanced email interaction data. Go beyond open rates by tracking attachments and specific link clicks for every email and campaign.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Pass user actions from your custom-built web, iOS, and Android apps to Kizen in real-time. Pass data on specific behaviors including logins, feature usage, and more.

Customer Data Platform

Kizen’s Customer Data Platform provides a centralized database for every customer, contact, or company by connecting data from every tool, team, and interaction in real-time. Build better relationships by tracking every touchpoint between you and your contact in one fully-customizable profile.

Unified Profiles

A single, accurate 360º view of every one of your contacts.


Develop a deeper understanding of every contact you store.


Easily create segments combining all your customer data and interactions. Segments dynamically update in real-time to include all contacts who meet the segment requirements.


Track every interaction across all of your best performing channels.

Kizen Interaction Tracking

Sales Data

Store and access the complete data history of every contact, company, lead, opportunity, or deal directly on the timeline of each object.


Activity Data

Track and filter your team data by viewing all the interactions, messages, and touch points made thus far.


Lead Source Data

Connect all your lead sources to understand channel attribution and see which are worth the investment.


Opportunity Data

See which leads are qualified in your pipeline and ready to be closed by your reps.


Deal Data

Track win rates, average time in cycle, and see which team members are delivering the most revenue.

Marketing Data

Marketing Data

Develop a deeper understanding of every B2B or B2C customer and develop better data-driven campaigns to attract and convert new buyers.



Track ad impressions, clicks, leads, orders, revenues, cost per lead, return on ad spend, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and profitability.


Behavioral Data

Track website, app, email, and ad interactions.



Track analytics, open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, complaint rates, and health dashboards.



Track customer sentiment and NPS scores.

Track NPS scores for customer support

Experience Data

Collect key customer experience metrics that help you discover how your customers interact with your product or service, and what you can do to improve their response.


Service Data

Track responses from satisfaction surveys, NPS scores, and other feedback metrics.


Support Data

Track data responses from support forms, tickets, and resolution/effort scores.


Success Data

Track churn percentages and other customer lifetime value metrics to see the likelihood of renewal or retention.

Kizen Pipeline Conversion

Commerce Data

Track all of your most important revenue data and create reports and dashboards to visualize important KPIs. See which channels and products are performing at their best, and which need further evaluation. Keep your reps on the ball by tracking commission data and encouraging competition.

Kizen Streamlines Your Processes

Purchase Data

Track the success of your core product offerings and newer releases by looking at how customers move along your funnel and what trends or habits appear. With this data, see where customers are gaining and losing value, where you can better invest in your marketing channels, and find your most loyal customers.

Cost Data

Cost Data

Better estimate the costs of your resources such as units, personnel, supplies, and equipment associated with your projects, products, or services. Tracking your product or unit cost data can help you better optimize your ROI, sales processes, and ad spend.

How Kizen Stores All Your Data

Kizen Unifies Your Data

Object Data

Store your data with standard and custom objects and sculpt them to your business needs so you can easily track your most important data.

Object Data List:



Track specific tasks, like inbound and outbound calls and other specific meeting types, to keep your reps on the ball and offer them a fool-proof portal to log their activities.



Set filters and create separate audiences so your clients are experiencing a personalized journey with your company. Schedule and/or automate broadcasted emails, text messages, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, or timed campaigns in a curated manner, at scale.



Add overarching companies and their contacts and employees to easily filter based on your needs, creating incredible account-based marketing campaigns.



Set up a 360 degree view of every person that interacts with your company.



Add cost information about every product, customer, and channel.


Custom Objects

Build out any object and track their relationship between your contacts, companies, deals, and other objects.



Combine specific pieces of object data to build reports and dashboards.



See what milestone your contacts are in along your sales and service processes, and what still needs to be done to win. Deals can be customized and used to track any process.



See which contacts have completed your fully-customizable and dynamic lead forms.



See exactly where each customer is exploring and how they originally got to your company. Ensure that each interaction is packed full of important data to allow your team the visibility necessary to personalize their processes.



Track open, pending, or completed orders, their amounts, and payment schedules.



Create a pipeline to define any process. Deals run through your pipelines to help you keep track of your records at scale.



Track each product you sell and which contacts have been offered or have already bought them. Customizable products can be financed, subscriptions, or one-time payments and have up-charge/down-charge options and variants.



See if a contact has taken a sentiment survey and how they scored. Each survey can be completely customized and part of an automated and dynamic campaign utilizing its data to proactively take action.



Add all of your team members and track their interactivity within your business. Set roles and permissions for each user to ensure your users have access to only the data they need.


Kizen Security Compliance

Platform-Level Security

Control access to certain data and limit user permissions. Ensure all teams have access to the information they need while keeping all sensitive data protected.

Take your role-based permissions to the next level with Kizen’s Organizational Permissions Engine. Ensure data integrity by setting functional permissions for each role in your business. With straightforward authentication features, quickly manage team member access in minutes.

Kizen Security Backups

Object-Specific Permissions

Ensure that each object has the appropriate level of visibility within your organization for each role. For example, some object records, like sales opportunities, should be private, while objects such as support cases should be viewable by multiple users for an efficient resolution.

Kizen CIO Manager Role Permissions

Field-Specific Permissions

Set granular permissions for each custom field in any object. Secure, declutter, and streamline the user experience for team members in each role by controlling visibility and editing access. Restrict sensitive fields to only the most appropriate roles.

Kizen Secure Data Sharing

Secure Data Sharing Model

Kizen’s Lateral Data Sharing AI determines when to share associated records with the owner of a single record. With Kizen’s “Team Member Associations” button on every object record, easily share your private record laterally.

Kizen CIO Team Member Roles

Hierarchical Data Sharing

Build an org-chart in your Kizen account to allow for automatic data sharing from subordinates to leadership.

Kizen Security Compliance

Web-Level Security & Compliance

Kizen is GDPR, CCPA, SOC1 Type II, SOC2 Type II, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield compliant.

Kizen Data Standards

Cloud-Level Security & Data Policies

Kizen leverages the AWS Elastic Beanstalk to ensure smooth deployments that scale with your business needs. This provides automated capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and application monitoring to handle load peaks. Kizen guarantees a system uptime of 99%.

Vulnerability scans are conducted at specified intervals, and any non-negative result is automatically sent with full logs for review. Every view, login, interaction, and action taken within the software is fully recorded and evaluated for any anomalies.

If you decide to terminate your contract with us, your data will be purged from our database within 10 business days. At any time throughout the contract term, clients have the option to export data from Kizen into CSV files.

Easily Sync Data From All Your Apps

Kizen Integration Engine

Integrations Engine

Robust integrations with Workato and Zapier allow organizations to connect Kizen with over 1,000 additional enterprise-grade tools without ever writing a line of code. In addition, our next-gen API is built to make work easy and straightforward for developers.

Kizen Native Integrations

Native Integrations

Kizen natively integrates with Google, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, and Twitter to allow teams the ability to track and optimize interactions from different campaigns, maximizing the efficiency of every dollar spent. Kizen also natively integrates with Outlook and Gmail for all your productivity needs.

Customize Everything To Your Exact Needs

Kizen Custom Object Data

Custom Objects Tailored To Your Business

Many businesses have unique objects they need to track. Custom objects allow you to build out any object and track their relationship between your contacts, companies, deals, and other objects.

Here are just some of the ways businesses are using custom objects:


Business Development Prospects

Track prospects from your initial outreach all the way to qualification.


Financial Client Lifecycle

Track client data, documentation, touchpoints, products/services, and regulatory requirements for your financial institution.


Marketing Leads

Which contacts have made their way to you from your ads, emails, surveys, or forms? Track each lead through purchase or sales hand-off.



Manage all of your partner relationships by keeping track of referrals, total values, and other important metrics.


Project Management Journeys

Track your team member’s activities, tasks, and goals all from one dashboard.



For property managers, track each building, apartment, or tenant individually.


Recruiter Prospects

Track all potential recruits, keep track of interviews, resumes, and qualification details, all in one place.


Sales Opportunities

How far are deals progressing, and where do they get stuck and lost?


Sentiment Tracking/Journeys

Collect customer success and feedback metrics to see a contact’s positive or negative experience.


Student Journeys

See how students are going through their journeys. Intelligently nudge them towards enrollment, community events, or any other important information they may need.



Track your open tickets and create issue resolution and escalation workflows.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Custom Fields

Kizen’s no-coding data architecture and unlimited custom fields allows your team to envision and execute plans efficiently.

Custom Fields List:


Custom Categories

Assign and organize categories to your custom fields, inside your custom objects, to help search and review them.



Create a list of checkable, square-boxed multiple-choice options.



Have users select a date with a calendar tool.


Decimal Number

Allow users to add in their own numbers with decimals.


Dropdown Menus

Create a list of options for users to choose from.


Dynamic Tags

Draw content from your page or post, changing dynamically based on the page or post a user is on.



Allow users to include their email using an @ symbol.



Allow users to upload their own files. Compatible for DOC, PDF, CSV, JPG, and more.


Short Text/Long Text

Allow users to quickly add in their own content, or add long-form, note-based text content.


Object-to-Object Relationships

Allow users to select one or more posts, pages, or custom post type items in a duel-column component.



Allow users to include dollar signs ($) and decimal points to list prices.


Radio Buttons

Allow users to check just one option from a list.


Whole Numbers

Allow users to input numbers, down to the decimal point.

Kizen Clouds

Kizen Clouds

Explore how teams are using their data in Kizen.