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Elevate Your Customer Experience

Meet the Next-Gen Kizen Experience Cloud

With a powerful suite of capabilities, and built on top of our industry-leading unified Data Cloud, Kizen’s Experience Cloud gets customers to easily and automatically onboard and adopt your product or service. Your team can easily collaborate and will love creating amazing, personalized experiences every day.

Kizen Experience Cloud


Kizen Email Content Studio

Our drag-and-drop email builder is incredibly powerful and intuitive. Customize the look, feel, and positioning of any element.

Kizen Email Content Studio

Kizen comes with high-performing templates that are regularly tested for their conversion rate and effectiveness.

Kizen Broadcast Calendar

Schedule intelligent broadcasts: Simply pick a day, choose your email and contact group, and hit send.

Kizen Contact Filtering

Combine over 40 different filters to create the perfect audience for every broadcast.

Kizen Email Tracking

Dynamic groups allow you to combine any amount of filters as a saved group for easy reference.

Kizen Merge Fields

Insert merge fields to automatically insert the contact's name, your company, or any other data field.

Kizen Broadcasts

Easily send personalized emails to contacts that meet certain filters immediately.

Kizen Automated Email Marketing

Easily schedule a series of emails to go out after a set number of minutes, hours, or days.

Kizen Set Timezones

Send emails at the right time for every contact by using their time zone to deliver messages intelligently.

Kizen Email Remarketing

Show or hide entire sections based on an individual's history with you.

Kizen Email Creation

See real-time metrics on email delivery, opens, clicks, attachment opens, opt-outs, and spam complaints.

Email Messaging

Create beautiful, on-brand emails that drive results with a powerful, intuitive builder. Maximize efficiency by leveraging sleek templates that look amazing across all devices. Leverage your data to personalize your messaging and evaluate metrics to optimize every send.


Drag-and-drop to create beautiful, effective emails in minutes.


Send the right message to the right contact at the right time.


One-click workflows deliver campaigns out automatically.


Make smarter campaign decisions after sending.

Kizen Text Marketing

Easily broadcast texts to your customer journey.

Kizen Text Marketing

Connect with your customers by adding images, emojis, and GIFs.

Kizen Text Marketing

A dedicated, local phone number allows you to match your area code.

Kizen Text Marketing

Calls to your dedicated number are automatically redirected to your team.

Kizen Text Marketing

Easily start automations to send an email, add customers to a newsletter, send a survey, or have a team member follow-up when customers text your number.

Kizen Text Marketing

Easily build out 2-way texting sequences with the help of our Zoe Assistant. Available on our Professional and Enterprise packages.

Text Messaging

Send and receive personalized text messages, and even use textbot functionality to text back and forth with your customers and team members throughout the journey.

Native Core

Quickly send personalized texts to engage your customers.


Intelligently route texts wherever you need.


Communicate back and forth with your customers automatically.

Kizen Surveys

Our drag-and-drop builder lets you easily build out surveys to your exact specifications.

Kizen Surveys

Survey fields include ratings, short text fields, long text fields, drop-downs, multiple choice, numbers, yes/no, team member selectors, and more.

Kizen Surveys

Add an unlimited number of custom questions.

Kizen Surveys

Easily send 1-click surveys over email or send invitations to more advanced surveys intelligently.

Kizen Surveys

Send 1-question surveys to customers via MMS or SMS and collect responses with a simple text back.

Kizen Surveys

Link to your web survey from anywhere online and publish without coding.

Kizen Surveys

Take a survey on a secure mounted kiosk, or with a tablet by a team member.

Kizen Surveys

Easily determine whether customers are satisfied or unsatisfied with their experience.

Kizen Surveys

Receive immediate text and email alerts anytime a customer gives feedback or only when negative feedback is received.

Kizen Surveys

Add field rules to provide better, streamlined survey experiences by showing or hiding questions based on previous responses.

Kizen Surveys

Easily create a series of scheduled survey requests until you receive a response or until the sequence runs out of touchpoints.

Kizen Surveys

Automatically assign surveys to team members to help drive accountability.

Kizen Surveys

Plan follow-up automations based on satisfied or unsatisfied responses.

Kizen Surveys

Ask satisfied customers to leave online reviews or send referrals to boost your online reputation.


Send one-time or position surveys strategically throughout the customer journey. Send surveys through email, web, mobile, text, or present them on kiosks or tablets to uncover product needs, discover customer preferences, deepen relationships, predict trends, and prioritize investments.


Build inviting and converting experience surveys in seconds.


Deploy surveys quickly and easily to ensure positive and convenient interaction.


Automate surveys and develop practices for both satisfied and unsatisfied responses.


Visually-appealing reporting and dashlets let you re-invest in your feedback loops.

Kizen Forms

Capture, registration, and research templates increase response rate.

Kizen Form Builder

Beautiful, visual form reporting and dashlets.

Kizen Form Builder

Collect all the data you need with our form fields.

Kizen Form Builder

Put your Kizen form on any website quickly and easily with our 1-line embed code.

Kizen Form Builder

Easily design the form to match your brand and send out direct links, all hosted on Kizen.

Kizen FIle Uploader Field

Securely accept files of any size.

Kizen Form Products

Add product, subscription, and process payments securely through credit card or ACH.

Kizen Form Field Rules

Add field rules to provide better, streamlined form experiences by only showing certain fields when conditions are met.

Kizen Form Builder Thank You Pages

Provide personalized experiences after filling out a form by routing customers to the right place.

Kizen Form Team Notifications

Automatically send an email or text to any member of your team when a form is submitted with just one click.

Kizen Form Builder

Build out entire landing pages and collect data with ease.

Kizen Form Builder Automations

A built-in follow-up sequence on every form lets you easily send personalized follow-up messaging to anyone who completes your form.

Kizen Forms ROI Dashboards

Visualize the results from all your form submissions to spot trends and better understand your audience.

Form Studio

Our forms fit perfectly into any website. Collect the data you need intelligently with advanced features, including field rules, page rules, and more. Learn from the responses with pre-built reporting and customizable dashboards.


Build beautiful, responsive forms to collect leads in-person and online.


Develop intelligent forms with advanced features including field rules, page rules, and more.


Collect all the data you need and automatically direct team members on the next step.


Visualize the results from all your submissions to spot trends and better understand your audience.


Kizen Automation Engine

Deliver the right message at the right time and automatically route customers to their unique experience.

Kizen Automation Pathways

Engage in real-time with triggers such as page visits, form submissions, email clicks, and more.

Kizen Automation Add Step

Send personalized emails or schedule sequences with dynamic content based on customer attributes and history.

Kizen Automation Add Step

Send SMS/MMS messages to contacts with reminders, updates, surveys, and more.

Kizen Automation Add Step

Send NPS surveys, or collect advanced ratings and survey responses on multiple channels.

Kizen Automation Add Step

Automatically assign activities and send email/text activity reminders to all team members.

Kizen Automation Split Test

Use A-F testing for up to 6 different experiences at a time. Test a single email, text, team member interaction, or the entire journey.

Kizen Automation Split Test Weighted Goals

Use path weights to easily segment a small portion of traffic, tested against your current experience, and scale up once the path is proven.

Track NPS scores for customer support

Set customizable goals for each path.

Kizen Automations

See the number of customers and average time in each funnel stage, and filter based on different client attributes.

Kizen Automations Ideal Prospect Group

Easily discover customer segments to determine the preferences of different customer groups.


With automation, now anyone can easily send personalized 2-way experiences across the entire customer journey through email, SMS, in-app, and more, without writing a single line of code.


Create dynamic customer experiences that increase ROI at every stage of their journey.

Triggers & Goals

Engage in real-time and ensure all your customers are constantly being nurtured.


Deliver personalized, automated content across emails, texts, surveys, and more.


Develop mutiple versions of your message to ensure you're always sending great experiences.

Kizen Zoe Assistant

Cut the required time to onboard by 50-90% with intelligent automations.

Kizen Zoe Assistant

Trigger personalized emails, texts, or team reach-outs at the exact time they’re needed.

Zoe Assistant Automations

Customer Experience and Success teams are using Zoe’s intelligent automations to save thousands of hours every month and produce better customer experiences.

Kizen Team Tracking

See exactly how much activity your team is doing.

Kizen Customer Sentiment Tracking

See how your team’s activity is trending.

Kizen Forecasts

See how much you’re set to close every month.

Kizen Pipeline Conversion

See where you’re gaining and losing deals.

Kizen Customer Journey

See your conversion at each stage of the funnel.

Kizen Dashboards

See the ROI on your advertising campaigns.

Kizen Dashboards

Easily see your email performance.

Kizen Intelligent Segmenting

Zoe Assistant integration takes insights to the next level.


Accurate, real-time insights help your team understand true ROI by channel, campaign, and asset. Forecast accurately, invest with precision to maximize returns, and prove the impact your team is making.


Visualize your customer experience metrics and see how you can better develop relationships.


Dig deeper into every detail and find where you are most successful and where you need to improve.


Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Track all your customer web visits.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Rich email tracking of your most important metrics.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Customize your web or mobile app tracking.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Integrate, track, and optimize your ad spend.

Behavioral Tracking

Track a customer’s journey across emails, websites, ads, and custom web, iOS, and Android applications. Easily use this rich data to identify intent, anticipate needs, and optimize everything.

Kizen Zoe Assistant

Behavior modeling recommends the next best step, from cross-selling to sending customer satisfaction surveys.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Detect customers with the highest likelihood to churn, alert the team, and trigger actions to retain your customers.

Zoe Assistant Strategic Intelligence

With Zoe Assistant to consult you, everything is delivered faster, better, and easier. Work with our machine-learning team to model behavior and develop self-optimizing campaigns to more intelligently interact with each individual.

Kizen Pipelines

See all activity, correspondence, and interactions related to a customer. Log activities, add notes, and store any relevant data.


Easily see the status of every customer with fully customizable pipelines. Get notified if customers get stuck in a particular process. Track win/loss rates, average time to close and time in stage, and intelligently forecast revenues. Build an unlimited number of Kizen pipelines with a simple visual interface.


Kizen New Lead Tracking

Prioritize your team’s week with a customizable list of scheduled and recommended touchpoints.

Kizen Activities

Intelligently track every customer touchpoint.


Activities give companies an easy, customizable way to track all the most important work your team is doing. Create to-do lists for your team so schedules are booked and each day is prioritized. Streamline your team’s work and get better data on your day-to-day operations.

Kizen Permissions

Ensure appropriate data access at all times.


Ensure all team members have access to the appropriate data at all times with Kizen’s advanced permission engine. Control viewing access and edit each aspect of Kizen (dashboards, contacts, fields, activities, automations, templates) by role or on an individual-user basis.

Kizen In-App Team Collaboration

Work seamlessly with your team members.

In-App Collaboration

In-app collaboration makes it easy to notify team members or ask questions throughout any activity, comment, or note. This ensures communication on every contact, company, and customer is automatically organized and stored inside Kizen where everyone can access it.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Data Cloud

Kizen’s Data Cloud provides a single source of truth for every customer by connecting data from every tool, team, and interaction in real-time. An easy set-up process and no coding interface means both your customer-facing teams and your tech-savvy departments will love using it together.