Meet The Next-Gen Kizen Marketing Cloud

Market Smarter, Easier, & More Effectively.

The Kizen Marketing Cloud provides all the capabilities you need to attract and convert new buyers and create customers for life. Avoid jumping between many tools with the most seamless and intuitive cross-channel marketing platform ever built.

The Kizen Marketing Cloud is built on the industry leading Kizen Customer Data Platform - giving your team the ability to create unprecedentedly amazing and effective data-driven campaigns. Your team, customers, and management will love Kizen.

Kizen Marketing Cloud

Explore The Next-Gen Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud Core

Email Marketing

Send personalized email broadcasts and campaigns quickly and easily.

Form Studio

Build beautiful, responsive forms to collect leads in-person and online.

Marketing Automation

Create dynamic customer experiences that increase ROI at every stage of the B2B or B2C journey.

Marketing Analytics

Accurate, real-time answers to the most important questions marketers ask.

Additional Capabilities


Understand your customers better with NPS and dynamic Custom Surveys.

Advertising Studio

Track and improve ROI across Google and Facebook Ads.

Text Marketing

Send smart SMS and MMS text messaging. Leverage 2-way functionality with Zoe.

Behavioral Tracking

Track every click on websites and apps.

Run your key marketing channels on one easy-to-use platform

  • Paid Search
  • Marketing Automation
  • Display Advertising
  • Website Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email & Text Marketing

Integrated Data

Develop a deeper understanding of every B2B or B2C site visitor, lead, or customer by integrating your data across websites, apps, advertising, marketing, commerce, sales, and service.


Easily deploy and optimize hyper-personalized, omni-channel campaigns that leverage automation and AI to ensure everyone receives the right message at the right time.

Performance Metrics

View live dashboards to understand performance by channel, campaign, and asset so you understand the true ROI, ensure your team gets credit for their work, and determine where to invest.

How Marketing Teams Use Kizen

Meet your customers everywhere.

Listen and engage seamlessly across email, mobile, social, search, and display to stay top of mind. Personalize each interaction to foster deeper relationships.

Track interactions across apps & websites.

Gather deep insights on website content performance and product usage. Utilize machine learning to detect attributes and actions likely to increase customer value.

Store all your data in one place.

Capture, store, and unify all your data automatically so you can get back to the marketing strategy.

Simplify your day-to-day workflow.

Enjoy having everything your team needs in one place and create easy workflows that allow you to get more done, faster.

Send beautiful, responsive emails without IT.

Create modern, branded emails in minutes with a powerful builder that’s so intuitive, you already know how to use it. Leverage proven templates that look great on every device.

Schedule marketing on an integrated calendar.

Using one integrated broadcast calendar, you can engage your prospects seamlessly across email, mobile, social, surveys, and events—on any device.

Create lead & customer lists without an analyst.

Easily filter your contacts using any of your data so you can send targeted, relevant messages and promotions.

Execute account-based marketing.

Leverage data on contacts and companies to execute smarter targeted B2B campaigns.

Track KPIs in real time.

Custom dashboards update automatically to track your key performance indicators, including attribution, LTV, and ROI. They can also show which content and campaigns generate the most revenue.

Track Facebook and Google Advertising.

Track the efficiency of every dollar you spend on Facebook and Google. Use real-time revenue metrics to invest with unprecedented precision.

Connect with customers via text message.

Utilize 2-way texting in your marketing and even leverage the Kizen Textbot to automatically text back and forth with your contacts.

Capture leads from your website.

Integrate high-converting lead capture forms that match your website and brand so you can capture information from your website and apps.

See any customer journey.

Better understand your key customers. Look through the journey of any of your contacts using our innovative and fully-integrated timeline.

Collect feedback from prospects and customers.

Send surveys to prospects and customers to collect feedback and develop more insight on your target markets and improve your messaging.