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Digital advertising is one of the easiest, most targeted, and most profitable ways to grow revenue. With Kizen, you can easily track the efficiency of every dollar you spend on the best digital ad platforms - Google and Facebook. Additionally, you can easily deploy advanced data-driven remarketing to maximize ROI.

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Revenue Based Optimization

Maximize your advertising ROI.

Whether you're spending $25 or $2.5M per day, Kizen Ads ties your ad spend directly to revenues, so your team can easily see the cost, impressions, clicks, leads, orders, and revenues for every campaign, group, and keyword. Then, they can quickly determine cost per lead, return on ad spend, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, profitability, and breakeven points for every aspect of your campaigns.

Kizen Revenue-Based Optimization
Kizen advertising studio integration
Ad Insights

Invest with unprecedented precision.

Kizen provides a unified, unbiased tool that brings together detailed tracking on all your campaigns with all your most important customer data. Easily connect your revenue data from Kizen or a third party to determine actionable insights and know which advertising sources generate the most valuable customers, are most likely to increase customer value, and are driving the most growth.

Google Search Ads

Get seen at the top of search.

Ensure your products and services show up when potential customers are searching for companies like yours on Google with their computer, tablets, and smartphones. Quickly determine which search phrases are generating high value prospects and customers so you can invest more in profitable campaigns and turn off or optimize unprofitable ones.

Kizen Google Search Ad Integration
Kizen Google Display Ad Integration
Google Display Ads

Meet your audience wherever they are.

Google Display Ads appear on over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps - giving your team the ability to get in front of your exact target audience. Track Text, Banner, Gmail, and Mobile App advertising with Kizen and easily compare the performance to your other campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Leverage Facebook’s advanced demographic and location-based targeting.

Facebook has over 2 billion active users and offers the most advanced demographic and location-based targeting available, ensuring your business can find the right prospects and reach them with your message. Ensure accountability in every Facebook campaign you run by tracking what happens after they click the ad.

Kizen Facebook Ad Integration
Kizen Email Remarketing
Email Remarketing

Show ads to people who open your emails.

Coordinate your email marketing and advertising to make sure you're reaching individuals with the right message at the right time across channels.
Email remarketing is a simple and effective way to add display advertising to any email marketing campaign in Kizen.

CDP Retargeting & Suppression

Show and suppress ads based on the entire picture.

Leverage Kizen's Customer Data Platform to easily connect with Ad partners and ensure only the right people are receiving your ads and your budget is being spent most effectively. For example, if someone has already purchased or is not interested in Product A, it could be better to show them ads for Product B.

Kizen Retargeting and Suppression
Kizen Audience Optimization
Look-a-Like Audiences

Find your next “best customer.”

Find customers that match similar demographic and behavioral data as your best customers with look-a-like audiences. Available from both Google, Facebook, and other advertising leaders, look-a-likes allows you to leverage the power of an integrated data platform like Kizen to use advanced targeting for your ad dollars.