Kizen Email Marketing

Easier, Faster, More Personalized Emails.

With Kizen, you can create beautiful, on-brand emails that drive results with a powerful builder that’s so intuitive, you already know how to use it. Maximize efficiency by leveraging proven templates that look amazing on every device. Leverage all your data to personalize messaging and easily see metrics to optimize every send.

Kizen Email Marketing
Email Analytics

Email Smarter.

After sending a broadcast, you can see real-time metrics on email delivery, opens, clicks, attachment opens, opt-outs, and spam complaints presented on a beautiful visual graph. You can also see the status of every individual who received the email and their interaction history with that email.

Kizen Email Analytics
Kizen Smart Segmenting
Smart Segmenting

Send the right message to the right audience.

Combine over 40 different filters to create the perfect audience for every broadcast. Filters include any contact attributes or custom fields, purchase history, customer value, email interaction history, team activity history, and more. Easily engage your most active subscribers more often. Improve deliverability by sending only highly targeted and relevant messaging to less active subscribers.

Dynamic Groups

Easily access your most valuable audiences.

Dynamic Groups allow you to combine any amount of filters as a saved group for easy future use and reference. Dynamic groups automatically update to include only the contacts who match the filters in real-time.

Kizen Dynamic Contact Groups
Kizen Broadcasts
Easy Broadcasts

Send the right message to the right audience.

Easily send personalized emails to contacts that meet certain filters immediately. Simply set your filters or select your group, choose your email, and press send.

Broadcast Calendar

Schedule intelligent broadcasts.

The broadcast calendar makes scheduling emails easy. Simply click on any day, choose when, which contact group, and which email you want to send. At that exact time on that chosen day, the message will automatically send personalized emails to every member of that contact group.
Easily see or edit all scheduled emails from this unified, intuitive interface.

Kizen broadcast calendar
Kizen Email Builder
No-Code, Drag-and-Drop Email Builder

Create beautiful, effective emails in minutes.

Start with one of Kizen's proven templates, or quickly and easily create your own. Kizen’s drag and drop email builder is incredibly powerful and so intuitive you already know how to use it. Customize the look and feel or positioning of any element and edit text as easy as in your traditional email inbox. Kizen automatically ensures the email looks great on every computer, tablet, and phone.

Proven Templates

Access a library of high-performing email templates.

The professional marketers here at Kizen are regularly testing ideas to improve the conversion rate and effectiveness of every email. Your Kizen account come with high performing templates for your industry built-in.

Kizen Templates
Kizen Email Sequences
Email Sequences

Easy follow-up, nurture sequences, and drip campaigns.

With Kizen Sequences, you can easily schedule a series of emails to go out after a set number of minutes, hours, or days. Sequences are valuable to help customers learn more about your business and product offerings over an extended period of time. Sequences can contain an unlimited number of messages, and run for up to 10 years.

Merge Fields

Personalization makes experiences special.

Use all your data to personalize messaging and create more compelling experiences. Insert merge fields into any text block or subject line to automatically insert the Contact's name, company, or any other data field in Kizen.

Kizen Merge Fields
Kizen Content Studio Blocks
Dynamic Content Blocks

Make emails more relevant and effective.

Show or hide entire sections based on an individual's history with you. For example, if you're sending a monthly newsletter to current customers, you can switch out product spotlights based on the contact’s previous purchase history or custom attributes.

Smart Send Times

It’s 5 o'clock somewhere.

Send emails at the right time for every contact by using their time zone to deliver messages intelligently. Kizen is able to automatically detect time zone from previous interactions with your emails, form and website. Activate this feature inside sequences to take your marketing to the next level and see open and click-through rates boost by up to 20%.

Kizen Smart Send Times
Kizen Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Next-Level Email Marketing.

If you want to take the power of emails to the next level you can utilize emails in omni-channel automated marketing campaigns using our automation builder.