Survey Studio

Put the voice of the customer at the center of everything you do.

With Kizen Surveys you can effortlessly build and send one-time surveys or position surveys strategically throughout the customer journey. Send surveys through email, web, mobile, or text, and present them on kiosks or tablets to uncover product needs, discover customer preferences, deepen relationships, predict market trends, and prioritize investments.

Survey Insights

Beautiful, visual survey reporting and dashlets.

Visualize the results from all your submissions to spot trends and better understand your customers. Quickly access a pre-built report on all of your responses and utilize survey data on custom dashboards. Create custom dashboards to dive deeper into data. Easily export responses to share with coworkers.

Team Member Benchmarking

Recognize and reward your best people.

Surveys from Kizen can automatically be associated with team members to help teams benchmark performance and drive accountability to improve customer retention and optimize customer acquisition. Easily recognize and reward high performers while ensuring everyone is delivering amazing experiences.

No-Code, Drag-and-Drop Survey Builder

Build the perfect survey in seconds.

Use our intuitive, drag-and-drop builder to easily build surveys to your exact specifications. Click on any element to edit the positioning, look, and feel. Click and drag any element to move it around. Edit the text as simply as in your email inbox.

Survey Fields

Ask every question.

Collect survey responses as ratings (1-5 or 1-10), short text fields, long text fields, drop downs, multiple choice (where many options can be selected or just one), numbers, yes/no, team member selectors and more. Survey responses automatically update the database to ensure everyone has the most up-to-date information.

NPS Surveys

The 1 question, Harvard-Made, highest ROI survey.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) was introduced by Harvard in 2003 and is used by over 70% of Fortune 100 companies today because it has proven to be one of the most effective, easy-to-implement surveys available. With Kizen, this 1 question survey can be sent through email, text, web, or kiosk.

Custom Surveys

Get the answers you need.

Add an unlimited number of custom questions to any survey. Easily leverage field rules to customize the experience and ask the most relevant questions to each individual.

Email Surveys

Collect survey responses directly from their inboxes.

Easily send 1 question surveys customers can answer with 1 simple click from their inbox or send invitations through email to more advanced surveys intelligently with Survey Response Sequences.

Text Surveys

Get survey responses with a simple text.

With Kizen text surveys, you can send 1 question surveys to customers via MMS or SMS and collect responses with a simple text back. You can also send invitations through text to more advanced surveys intelligently with Survey Response Sequences.

Web Surveys

Link to your survey from anywhere. Publish online without IT.

Once you’ve created your survey, Kizen automatically creates a hosted page that you can easily share anywhere.

Kiosk Surveys

Easily capture leads and collect information from anyone.

Kiosk Surveys allow customers to quickly and easily take a survey on a secure mounted kiosk or with a tablet handed to them by a team member.
After responding and thanking customers for their feedback, Kiosk Mode automatically returns the kiosk to the original "Take Survey" page which we've optimized to help capture attention and responses.

Smart Sort

Detect satisfied and unsatisfied customers instantly.

Smart Sort allows you to easily determine whether customers are satisfied or unsatisfied with their experience. From there, you can easily personalize the experience - asking happy customers for reviews or referrals and escalating unhappy customers to management for immediate resolution.

Smart Notifications

Fix problems fast before they become bigger.

Receive immediate text and email alerts anytime a customer gives feedback or only when negative feedback is received. Ensure that the appropriate team members are notified immediately of any negative experiences so they can take action fast and prevent negative online reviews or upset customers.

Survey Request Sequences

Boost response rates to your surveys.

Easily create a series of emails and texts that send as scheduled until you receive a response or the sequence runs out of touchpoints. A simple reminder can double responses, while a reminder sequence can up to 5x your responses.

After Survey Sequences

Follow-up intelligently.

Use the responses from your survey to follow-up intelligently through email and text. Easily setup different follow-up based on satisfied or unsatisfied responses or design more personalized automations using Kizen’s Marketing Automation Engine.

Reputation Management

Generate more 5 star online reviews and reviews.

Enhance your online reputation by asking satisfied customers to leave online reviews or recommend you to their friends. Typically between 4% and 16% of satisfied customers will leave an online review when asked, making it easy to boost your online reputation and be discovered by new potential customers.

Field Rules

Streamlined surveys people love.

Add field rules to provide better, streamlined survey experiences by showing or hiding questions based on previous responses. For example, if someone says their favorite vacation is a beach vacation, you can ask them which beach is their favorite. However, if they choose "ski vacation" you can ask them where they love to ski.