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The easiest way to add text messaging into everything.

98% of text messages are read within 2 minutes, which makes texting one of the best communication tools for your organization—both with customers and team members. With Kizen, you can send and receive text messages, personalize the content, and even use Textbot functionality to text back and forth with your customers and team members throughout the journey.

Kizen Text Marketing
Native SMS Texting

Send and receive personalized texts.

Easily broadcast and receive messages through text or add texts to your customer journey. Merge in any field from your database dynamically into the texts. SMS messages are “text only” messages, while MMS messages allow for longer messages and allow for more advanced features (explained below).

Kizen SMS Texting
Kizen MMS Texting
Native MMS Texting

Send images, videos, emojis, and GIFs.

Connect with your customers and enhance your marketing by adding images, emojis, and GIFs to your text marketing.

Dedicated Local Number

Locals only.

Kizen will provision a dedicated phone number just for your business that matches your area code. Texts to this number will notify the team member associated with the account immediately and can be used to trigger automations.

Kizen Local Number Text Marketing
Kizen Shortcodes
Short Codes

Next-level text marketing.

With Kizen, you can easily add a dedicated short code to your account. Short Codes are a series of 5 numbers (i.e. 55555) that people can send and receive texts from. Short Codes also allow you to send up to 100 messages per second (typical local numbers are limited by the phone carriers to 1 per second).

Phone Call Redirects

Redirect calls to your team.

Calls to your dedicated local number are automatically redirected to your team.

Kizen Phone Call Redirects
Kizen Text Triggers
Text Triggers

Start automations with a text.

Easily start automations to send an email, add customers to a newsletter list, send a survey, or have a team member follow-up when customers text your number. Require them to text a particular word to trigger different journeys.

2-Way Texting With Zoe

Let Zoe handle it.

Easily build out a 2-way texting sequence for Zoe to talk back and forth with your customers. Have her collect any required information and route intelligently to the appropriate team member based on the customer request.

Kizen two-way texting feature