Personalized Content Studio

Design high-converting experiences in one place

Kizen's drag-and-drop Content Studio allows teams to easily create beautiful, responsive emails, forms, landing pages, surveys, and more with one tool. The builder is integrated across Kizen, making it easy to personalize every experience.

Content Builder.

So intuitive your team already knows how to use it.


Drag-and-drop to add or move sections


Click to edit and customize elements


Preview across mobile, tablet, and desktop


Easily apply changes and launch


Engage your customers

Craft captivating emails by merging in the recipient’s name, interests, and more into the subject line and message. Easily create and access branded templates that look great on all devices to maintain a consistent look and feel.


Collect information efficiently

Design beautiful forms and personalize the experience with powerful rules that conditionally show questions based on user profiles. Customize dynamic redirect pages and easily deploy forms to websites, kiosks, and more by copying and pasting a 1-line embed code.


Make it frictionless

Generate more feedback by engaging customers in the way they want to. Customize NPS and experience surveys with various field types and powerful rules. Maximize responses with automated follow up sequences across all devices. Set immediate alerts for any at-risk customers.

Landing Pages

Boost conversion rates

Create landing pages that look great on all screen sizes, and customize the look and feel of every element and align with your brand. Kizen’s intuitive, drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to apply changes as you continue to optimize and improve the page.