Deeply Customizable Customer Relationship Management

Kizen CRM

Close more deals, faster with a modern, intuitive tool your team will actually use. With the Kizen CRM, it's easy keep all of the most important prospect, deal, and customer details automatically organized and accessible.

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Kizen Sales CRM

Work the Way You Want

Supercharge collaboration, and drive sales from anywhere, on any device, with a streamlined experience. Imagine what your team can do when you give them access to the best CRM ever built, set up to work exactly the way they want to work.

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Valuable Insights

Unlike other tools that are manual, bloated, and difficult to use, Kizen syncs with all your important data and makes work easier for every member of your team.

Kizen easy workflows

Easy Workflows

The Kizen CRM is deeply customizable so you can set it up to work exactly how your team wants to work—without IT—and be up and running in minutes.

Contacts, Companies, & Deals

Intuitive Architecture

Kizen starts with a simple data architecture that includes Contacts, Companies, and Deals. Contacts is for all the people your team interacts with. Companies is for all the companies you interact with. Deals track all the deals your team is working.

Kizen activities graphic Activities

Activities gives your team an incredibly fast and easy way to both assign tasks and enter structured notes on completed tasks from their computers, tablets, or mobile phones. With Kizen Activities, your activity data can easily be accessed by any member of your team, at any time, and even used to generate more robust lead scoring, insights, marketing, automations, and AI recommendations.

Action Block

Take Action Easily

The action block is designed to put the items your sales team needs most front and center to maximize efficiency. Add notes, send texts and emails, log and schedule activities, and start automations with just a click.

Timelines & Social Commenting

See It All in One Place & Collaborate

Team Member Associations

Often, team members fulfill various roles with each contact, company, and deal. Kizen allows you to track the role of every team member through contact associations. Each team member that has interacted with or been assigned to a contact, company, or deal will show up, as well as their role, first activity date, last activity date, and their total activity count.

Two-Way Email Sync

Kizen's contact, company, and deal records automatically sync with Google and Microsoft email accounts so the entire contact history is shown on the timeline. In addition, any emails sent through the action block sync back to your outbox.

Bring Your Prospect & Customer Data into Your CRM

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Forms allow you to easily capture leads from your website and interact with your marketing team.

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Kizen is integrated with over 1,000 additional tools so you can connect and leverage your data.

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Kizen's Connect API makes it easy to connect with any custom tools or databases your team has built.

Manage Custom Objects

Many businesses have unique objects they need to track (i.e. user accounts, apartments or offices, equipment, etc.). Custom objects allow you to build out any object and track the relationship between these objects and each of your prospects and customers.

Collect Payment

Send intelligent invoices to your clients and collect payments quickly and efficiently with automatic follow up and real-time payment tracking.