Smart Automations

Deliver personalized experiences your customers will love

Kizen’s visual Experience Builder allows anyone to easily automate personalized 2-way experiences across the entire customer journey through email, SMS, in-app, team members, and more – without writing a single line of code.


Engage in real time

Activate the right journey based on real time interactions. Popular triggers include when a prospect or customer visits a certain page on your website, submits a form, clicks on an email, attends an event, opens an account, abandons a cart, and purchases a product.

Conditions. Goals. Delays.

Deliver the right message – every time

Automatically route each prospect and customer to their unique, personalized experience based on specific attributes. Implement goal-based nurturing to move customers across their journey. Use delays to space Actions by the minute, hour, day, or month.


Across every channel


Send personalized emails or schedule sequences with dynamic content based on each customer’s attribute and history. Maximize engagement using smart send times to deliver messages at a specific time in the customer’s time zone.


Send SMS/MMS to contacts or team members for reminders, updates, surveys, or to trigger a specific experience/journey. Collect more voice of customers by making it easy for customers to provide feedback.


Automatically assign activities and send smart email or text reminders with full context of the task to appropriate team members across the organization. Trigger the next part of the customer journey when the activity is logged.


Collect ratings, text responses, drop-down selections, numbers, multiple choice answers with surveys. Show or hide certain questions depending on their response by adding rules and provide a more personalized experience. Get immediate alerts for any at-risk customers to improve retention.