Testing & Optimization

Test Everything. Optimize Easily.

Kizen’s Testing & Optimization features make it fast and easy to test and optimize a single email, funnel stage, or even the entire customer journey without ever writing code. Test up to 6 different cross-channel variations and easily determine the combination that generates the most revenue and happiest customers.

A/B Testing. A-F Testing.

Test Different Journeys

Use A/B Testing to Test 1 idea against another, or test up to 6 different experiences at 1 time with A-F testing. Test a single email, text, team member interaction - or the entire journey.

Path Weights

Test Small. Win Big.

With the ability to choose the weighting of each path, you can easily segment a small portion of traffic to test against your current experience. Scale up traffic once the new path is proven.


Optimize Intelligently

Set customizable goals for each path. Use goals to easily optimize for a website visit, form submission, app action, product purchase, or even customer satisfaction. Connect goals with Zoe’s AI to optimize automatically.

Email Optimization

Email Smarter

Easily compare opens, clicks, opt-outs and spam complaints on a beautiful visual graph. Test up to 6 emails at once against each other.

Funnel Visualizations

Optimize Your Funnel

See the number of customers in each stage of the funnel and the average time customers spend in each stage. Easily filter this data based on different client attributes and dive deep into the data to determine why clients get stuck.

Segment Metrics

Find High Performing Segments

Easily use all the data in Kizen to discover customer segments. Use these segments to determine the preferences of different customer groups to increase the personalization and performance of every campaign.