Kizen Helps Nonprofits Achieve Their Mission and Encourage More Donations

Engage donors and transform your program management with Kizen.

Kizen Solutions Nonprofits

Deliver Amazing Experiences at Each Stage of the Client Journey



Advertise effectively to the right prospective clients using your best performing and most profitable channels.



Build strong client relationships by guiding them along their journey and nurturing them towards success.



Simplify sales by creating streamlined team-to-team handoffs, sending digital contract workflows, and deploying new client materials dynamically.



Engage your clients by creating personalized experiences with newsletters, satisfaction surveys, and client support workflows.



Reduce lost clients and increase their lifetime value with deeper, more personalized communication, campaigns, and referrals.

Supercharge Productivity. Accelerate Profitable Growth

Kizen ROI dashboards

Visualize & Invest In Your Donation Revenue Streams

Easily turn your revenue data from multiple donation channels into one intuitive dashboard. Create dashlets from all your sources including marketing campaigns, activities, pipelines, and more. Then, easily connect your real-time revenue data with ad spend reporting, so you can optimize your campaigns and invest with unprecedented precision.

Kizen Opportunity Conversion

Accurately Forecast and Track Donor Lead Scores

Real-time data can allow your team to forecast donations, allowing for better planning and more qualified leads and donor opportunities in the future. Find trends and redirect your donation team’s focus with dynamic lead scoring.

Kizen Email Marketing

Track the ROI of Every Campaign

Track the performance of every email, ad, and other campaigns by looking at donor interaction history. All your most important ad and marketing metrics are presented clearly so you can measure their impact on your revenues and fundraising profits.

Kizen Customer Success

Monitor Donor Experience Analytics

Track NPS, program engagement metrics, and health scoring to maximize repeat donations to your program. Breakdown your experience data to proactively identify program issues, nudge referrals, and look for patterns in the experiences of your most valuable donors.

Maximize Value with Seamless Collaboration

B2B marketer working

Attract And Convert New Donors

Execute perfect account-based or B2C marketing by capturing donor leads from online and offline sources and intelligently nurturing them through personalized email, text, ads, and more. Then, automatically hand-off these qualified leads to your donations team when ready.

Kizen Form Builder

Capture Donor Leads On High-Converting Forms

Collect all the user data you need intelligently with advanced features including field rules, page rules, and more. Learn from the responses you've received with pre-built reports and customizable dashboards.

Kizen Email Content Studio

Personalize Content Beautifully

Our Marketing Cloud creation suite allows for personalized content delivered directly to every donor. Simplify your marketing campaigns, landing pages, and surveys in one place and leverage advanced analytics to deploy better messaging.

Kizen Automation Engine

Automate & Personalize

Engage in real-time with automatic triggers, intelligent drip sequences, and conditions and delays so each marketing-qualified donor lead is only seeing content appropriate to them. Journeys can be A/B tested so that you’re always deploying the best messaging.

Kizen Automations Product Remarketing

Grow Value with Cross-Sell and Upsell

Automatically follow-up on donations to show users the true value of their gift. Then, intelligently cross-sell donors on additional campaigns, gifts, or events, increasing their lifetime value and turning them into lifelong advocates for your cause.

Kizen Channel Attribution

Understand Channel Attribution With Next-Gen Insights

Kizen gathers your constituent and donation reporting tools to help your program management teams do their best work. See which channels are generating the most valuable donors, which are increasing their value, and which are driving the most growth for your program.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Orchestrate Better, Targeted Social Campaigns

Understand the impact of social campaigns across your nonprofit to find and connect with potential allies and advocates. Ensure your team also collects tracking data for these campaigns in order to effectively determine your ROI.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Intelligently Track Behavioral Data

Track your donor journey across emails, websites, ads, and custom web, iOS, and Android applications. Easily use this rich data to identify donation intent or success metrics, anticipate fundraising needs, and optimize your follow-up campaigns.

Kizen Ad Integrations

Intelligent Campaign Retargeting

Retarget and suppress your Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads to personalize your campaigns based on a donor’s past behavior. With this refined advertising strategy, you can send the right message to the right donor at the right time.

Kizen Happy Teams

Collaborate With Your Teams

Create a collaborative experience for all of your teams so that everyone has a clear view of the donation funnel and works smarter. Track more leads and opportunities throughout the donation process and ensure advocates are being followed-up on promptly.

Sell Smarter. Close More Deals

Kizen Sales Analytics

Access Every Single Donation in Real-Time

View the pipeline for your entire team, a single donation rep, an account or group of accounts, or even filter into each donation individually to see every detail needed. Understand how you are losing donations and how pipelines are trending overall.

Kizen Sales Cloud

Comprehensive Activity Reporting

Kizen offers easily accessible activity reports to ensure you know exactly how your donations team is performing. Track all the messages, interactions, and touchpoints in chronological order and in real-time, fully-customizable to all your needs. Then, take advantage of Kizen’s filtering capabilities to find the exact data you need to help your reps improve.

Kizen Sales Managers Solutions

Mobile Team Collaboration

Team members have access to their pipelines from anywhere in-app or through any channel. Offer a cloud-based, mobile-responsive solution that helps your team collaborate and crush their goals from any device.

Kizen Forms ROI Dashboards

Reporting And Dashboards

Leverage strong donation reporting to help your team work smarter. Kizen’s reports and dashboard help you visualize how active your team is, how likely your team is to meet their goals, how well your reps are meeting those goals, and what needs to be done to drive more success.

Kizen Sales Cloud

Automatically Qualify And Route Donors

Ensure the right reps are handling the right opportunities with intelligent lead routing. With Kizen’s Automations Engine, leads from online and offline sources can be intelligently qualified, assigned, scheduled, and nurtured. Ensure your reps walk in each day with new opportunities on their calendar, ready-to-go.

Kizen Sales Managers Solutions

Set-Up Standard Operating Procedures

Design and enforce SOPs with your operations team by defining your best practices in Kizen’s Automations Engine. For example, when potential donors are engaging beyond a certain level, let the system gauge their intent so that your team can step in and nurture them towards success!

Kizen Sales Cloud

Donation Invoicing Workflows

Kizen offers donations reps one-click invoicing and receipt workflows using your favorite integrated documents or billing tool. Kizen will also keep track of inbound and outbound documents, donation subscription campaigns, and any follow-up reminders or announcements you’ll need to send.

Kizen Automation Engine

Automated Mission Materials and Scheduling

Kizen automatically sends the appropriate fundraising materials to each new donor for a streamlined process. Save time and ensure that your teams have a full schedule each and every day.

Deliver Better, Faster Experiences

Kizen Activity Logging

Ensure Perfect Delivery

Kizen helps nonprofits get new donors and fundraising champions information on how their donations are helping your mission with intelligent automations. Kizen will trigger emails, texts, and other messaging at the exact time it is needed.

Kizen Email Content Studio

Automate Your Donor Experience

Kizen’s Experience Cloud creation suite and automatic follow-up capabilities keep all of your donors consistently in the loop with announcements, events, newsletters, and more.

Kizen Form Builder

Donor Support Forms And Task Automation

Kizen’s donor support forms can be customized in detail, helping success teams prioritize, route, and schedule tasks. Auto-response rules can even send quick responses or estimated wait times, if necessary.

Kizen Automation Engine

Escalations For Challenging Donors

Ensure that you retain even the most challenging or unsatisfied donor through intelligent escalation processes. Escalate to a success manager with one-click, automatically sharing the most important data with them. Collaborate to redeem your nonprofit in the eyes of the toughest detractors.

Kizen Surveys

Deliver Targeted and Periodic Surveys

Deploy donor satisfaction surveys dynamically after each event or interaction. Periodically send NPS surveys to each new donor to gauge the likelihood of repeat gifts, identify potential program issues, and ensure positive overall experiences.

Kizen Surveys

Intelligent Nudging & Feedback Management

Utilizing your donor satisfaction data, Kizen will deploy messages to nudge satisfied donors to review platforms or colleague referrals, while routing unhappy donors to your success team to investigate how they can better serve them.

Unify Data for Better Insights

Kizen Interaction Tracking

Unified Data Storage

Kizen’s Data Cloud provides a single source of truth for every donor by connecting data from every tool, team, and interaction in real-time. An easy set-up process and no-code interface means both your donor-facing teams and more tech-savvy departments will love using it together.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Integrate All Of Your Lead Sources

Within the Data Cloud, Kizen’s Integrations Engine allows you to connect all of your lead generation channels in real-time. Leverage your lead source data to help your team provide more amazing experiences and understand which channels are worth the investment.

Segment and Manage All of Your Data

Data Management And Segmentation

Once your campaigns have begun, utilize Kizen’s Data Cloud to segment in real-time, personalize, and improve ad campaigns. Generate retargeting and suppression lists to perpetuate the impression cycle needed to improve the efficiency of your ad spend.

Kizen API Keys

Streamlined, No-Code Connect API

Kizen’s robust Integrations Engine allows organizations to connect Kizen with over 1,000 enterprise-grade tools, including Workato and Zapier. In addition, our easy-to-use, no-code Connect API ensures you are able to seamlessly integrate with the apps and tools you use every day.