Unprecedented Intelligence.

Insights with Zoe

Insights with Zoe (Beta) delivers actionable, decision-grade insights through dashboards, reports, and alerts. Utilize the world’s smartest data platform to gain an accurate, holistic view of growth and profitability. Extend dashboards and reports with Zoe’s customizable machine learning to detect trends and deeper insights.

Insights with Zoe
Make better-informed marketing decisions

Pure Genius.

Make better-informed marketing decisions.

Optimize your marketing with superior analytics to understand conversions, leads, and the ROI of every dollar spent. See real-time results on campaigns and evaluate the success of every channel, activity, and asset. Connect revenue data to ad reports, email performance and other metrics to invest for maximum return.

Supercharge sales with pipeline intelligence

A Good Deal.

Supercharge sales with pipeline intelligence.

Know what’s working, forecast accurately, and close more deals. Zoe scores every lead so you can prioritize lucrative opportunities. Generate real-time forecasts based on pipeline, expected win percentages and close dates. Track progress towards goals with breakdowns of the number and total value of deals in each stage.

Add greater value to every relationship

Go the Extra Mile.

Add greater value to every relationship.

Track NPS, engagement, and health scores to maximize retention. Use Zoe’s machine learning to determine attributes and actions most likely to increase customer value, and identify customers at risk of churn. Zoe elevates support by analyzing chat history, suggesting solutions and talking to customers.

Explore Zoe’s Skills.

Discover how Zoe can help you maximize productivity and perform better than ever before.

Forecast Accurately.

Zoe analyzes data to forecast outcomes.

Model Behaviors.

Zoe identifies patterns to maximize customer value.

Detect Outliers.

Zoe monitors key metrics and alerts you to changes.