Kizen Data Platform Features

Solutions to Nearly Every Business Need

Unify Everything

Use All Your Data, Your Way

No Code Relational Database

Create relationships among data elements that update systemwide without coding.

360-degree Profiles

Gain in-depth understanding of every request, employee, customer, or object across time and touchpoints with all of your data in one place.

Custom Objects

Use objects to track anything from sales opportunities to marketing projects, to cost data and beyond. Then visualize objects in a pipeline or table.

Fully Customizable Records

Control the layout and data structure of each individual record type.

20 Field Types

Allow submissions to include pictures or files to give teams the information needed to resolve quickly and effectively.

File Fields

Custom create relationship pairings between objects any way you like. Track how individual records relate to deals, projects and more.

Custom Relationships

Collect any type of information accurately with over 20 field types. Allow open-ended or option based data input.

Sync Your Data

1-Click Export

Export a list of contacts to CSV in 1 click.

Cross-Object Creation

Easily create records in new workflows and pass relavant data (i.e. when a new workflow or team is needed).

Cross-Object Sync

Keep objects in sync between different teams to ensure that everyone is on the same page (i.e. ensuring sales has access to the most recent success and service information).

Make Data Actionable

Get What You Need in Real Time

Real-Time Segmentation

Filter your data and requests using a single or combination of filters such as contact attributes, custom fields, purchase history, customer value, email interaction history, team activity history, and more. Combine 40+ filters to segment the perfect audience for every broadcast.

Advanced Segmentation

Combine an unlimited number of Any/All and And/Or filter groups to get the perfect segment.

No-code boolean filters

Use And/Or filters to combine different criteria.

Dynamic Groups

Easily save any combination of filters for future use. Dynamic groups automatically update to include records that match in real-time.

Cross-object filters

Run queries directly on multiple data sets/objects so you can track projects however you want, including by team member.

External HTTP Requests

Create custom Put, Post, Patch, & Delete requests that execute when scheduled or triggered.

Cross-object Creation

Effortlessly relate records to pass relevant data between workflows, contacts and other objects.

Modify Related Objects

Push and pull fields within and between objects.

Automatically Calculate Math Needs/Use Math Fields

Addition & Subtraction

Easily execute addition and subtraction combining values from different fields across objects.

Multiplication & Division

Easily execute multiplication and division math combinining values from different fields across objects.

Create Connectivity

Keep Work Connected Across Different Sources


Push and pull data from any of your existing tools with our well-documented RESTful API.

GSuite Email Integration

Sync your Google Email to automatically sync emails to any request. Send and receive emails directly from Kizen with two-way email sync.

Microsoft Email Integration

Sync your Microsoft Email to automatically sync emails to any request. Send and receive emails directly from Kizen with two-way email sync.

External HTTP Requests

Create custom Put, Post, Patch, & Delete requests that execute when scheduled or triggered.

Workato Connector

Connect with 1000+ enterprise grade apps utilizing our robust Workato Connector.

Zapier Connector

Connect with 4000+ apps utilizing our robust Zapier connector.

Data Enrichment

Enrich contact and account details with social and public profile info harvested online from up to 12 different data partners.

Supercharge Collaboration


Track who owns any task, request, customer, or account.

Team Member Association

Easily track team members across roles associated with a request, task, or customer. Utilize this data in automations and reports.


Stay on the same page with a shared historical record of every note, change, and activity on every task, request, prospect, customer, and object.

Timeline Roll-Up

Customize how data flows between timelines of related objects, making it easy for you to see all relavant data at a glance.

Audit Logs

Acquire a sequential history of everything created, edited, or deleted within Kizen.


Govern with Complete Control

Secure Portal

Control access to a secure portal for internal and external stakeholders to see the real-time view of important data or requests.

Complete Access Control

Ensure that each user can only see specific information on their specific requests.

Control Permissions

Decide who can access and edit data within objects at a field level.

Object-level Permissions

Control which objects team members have access to.

Ownership-level Permissions

Create custom access levels based on account and record ownership.

Field-level Permissions

Limit access and editing privileges for specific fields to qualified personnel.

Scale to Any Size Team

Full Sandbox

Test and customize in separate environments without compromising your live environments.

Cloud and On-premise Deployment

Choose the deployment option that matches your needs and compliance environment, be it on-premise or via the cloud of your choice.

Big-Data Ready

Store, filter, and action on tens of millions of records and interactions.





Enterprise Permissions Management

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