The Future of Personalized Marketing

Easily unify all your prospect and customer data. Build hyper-personalized consumer and B2B journeys without a single line of code. Enjoy automatically generated reporting on contribution and effectiveness so your team can optimize effortlessly.

Kizen Marketing Automation Delivers Real Results

  • 40%

    Lower Customer
    Acquisition Cost

    Gain a deep understanding of each campaign’s profitability
  • 2X

    Lifetime Value

    Hyper-personalize every
    customer journey
  • 10X

    Faster Campaign

    No-code content and
    journey builders

Run Key Marketing Channels From One Unified Platform

The most powerful capabilities you need to attract and create customers for life

Email Marketing

Quickly and easily send personalized email broadcasts and campaigns.

Form Studio

Build beautiful, responsive forms to collect leads in person and online.

Marketing Automation

Create dynamic customer experiences that increase ROI at every stage.

Marketing Analytics

Get the accurate, real-time analytics that marketers need.


Understand customers better with NPS and dynamic Custom Surveys.

Advertising Studio

Track and improve ROI across Google and Facebook Ads.

Text Marketing

Send smart SMS and MMS texts and leverage two-way functionality.

Behavioral Tracking

Track every click on websites and apps.

What Makes Kizen Marketing Automation So Powerful?

4 Reasons to Choose Kizen Over Any Other Marketing Platform

No Coding. Ever.

With Kizen’s intuitive interfaces, marketers can easily build intelligent campaigns, deliver personalized communications, and gain insight without ever writing a line of code.

More Personalized Journeys

Easily deploy and optimize hyper-personalized, omni-channel campaigns that ensure everyone receives the right message at the right time.

Decision-Grade Insights

View live dashboards to understand performance by channel, campaign, and asset. Calculate the return on each investment and ensure your team gets credit for their contributions.

Seamless Collaboration

Integrate seamlessly with sales and support tools, inputting valuable data and insights directly into your coworker’s workflows. Ensure prospects and customers are moving forward in their journeys.

Use Cases

Discover Exactly How Kizen Marketing Automation Works for You

Consumer Marketing

Help consumers at every stage

Integrate real-time customer interactions to deliver personalized, highly-effective messaging across channels. Generate more initial purchases and significantly increase loyalty with intelligent upsell and cross-sell campaigns that introduce consumers to products they’ll love.

Account-Based Marketing

Redefine B2B marketing at your company

Send each account or deal through its own journey, nurturing the right titles with personalized content at each stage of the sales process. Track each individual and their relationship to the deal by title and/or data in your sales CRM.

Performance Marketing

Advertise smarter

Track the impact of every ad buy and see how campaigns work together. Retarget and suppress your Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads to personalize your campaigns and see how customers are reacting.

Lead Generation

Generate more leads

Easily capture and intelligently route leads from any source to maximize conversion. Optimize marketing spends with lead source reports to simultaneously decrease Customer Acquisition Costs and increase the volume of new leads.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Deliver next-gen personalization everywhere

Use Kizen’s intuitive, powerful, and personalized email and text generators to build and deliver intelligent customer journeys automatically and efficiently. Trigger targeted messaging and ads based on customer action or attributes, easily leveraging previous history with your brand.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Upsell and cross-sell more effectively

Automatically follow up on purchases to show customers the true value of their initial purchase, while intelligently cross-selling additional offerings.

Email Marketing

Build your best emails

Start with one of Kizen’s proven templates, or quickly and easily create your own. Kizen’s drag-and-drop email builder is incredibly powerful and intuitive; you’ll already know how to use it. Customize the look and feel, position any elements, and edit text as effortlessly as you would in your traditional email inbox. Kizen automatically ensures the email looks great on every computer, tablet, and phone.

Text Marketing

Connect intuitively through text

Utilize personalized SMS and MMS to build deeper, more valuable relationships with prospects and customers.

Marketing Data Scientists

Maximize your ROI

Centralize and visualize your most important data in dashboards and reports to better understand forecasts and campaign performance.

Survey Marketing

Collect feedback from prospects and customers

Send surveys to prospects and customers to collect feedback, develop more insight into your target markets, and improve your messaging.

Interaction Tracking

Unify engagement across channels

Kizen’s Behavioral Tracking allows companies to track customers’ journeys across emails, websites, ads, and custom web, iOS, and Android applications. Skillfully utilize this rich data to identify intent, anticipate needs, and optimize everything.

Landing Page & Form Builder

Capture leads from your website

Build high-converting pages and easily integrate lead capture forms that match your website and brand, so you can record information from your website and apps.

No-Code Segmentation

Create contact lists without an analyst

Easily filter your contacts using all your data so you can send targeted messages, campaigns, and promotions.

Integrated Calendar

Schedule marketing on an integrated calendar

Using one integrated broadcast calendar, you can engage each prospect seamlessly across multiple channels including email, mobile, social, surveys, and events—on any device.

Unified Marketing Hub

Simplify your day-to-day workflow

Enjoy having everything your team needs in one place and create easy workflows that allow you to get more done, faster.

No-Code Builders

Deploy campaigns faster and easier

With Kizen’s intuitive no-coding interfaces, marketers can do it all.

Unlock your team’s full potential

Why Over 400k Users Have Chosen Kizen

  • Data Organization

    The easiest, fastest way to unify all company-wide data at any scale as your teams grow.

  • Manage Permissions

    A robust permission model ensures everyone accesses what they should.

  • Seamless Integration

    Integrate with 1k+ applications and build custom functionality as needed, code-free.

Kizen at Work

Discover all the ways Kizen helps supercharge productivity and accelerate profitable growth.

Easiest. Onboarding. Ever.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Built for You

    Kizen gets to know your business personally and builds an account for your unique needs.

  • Customer Testing

    Use the platform to ensure all processes are working as intended.

  • Go Live

    Real data is migrated and all users are granted access.

Straightforward Pricing

No hidden costs

Get started with the most cost-effective sales acceleration platform on the planet. We’ve got flexible pricing options for every-sized business.

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