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Customize to your exact process in moments without coding. Automate busy work and get personalized insights, so everyone can focus on what matters most.

Kizen Sales CRM Delivers Real Results

  • 10

    Hours Saved per
    Week per Rep

  • 25%

    Increase in Sales

  • 15%

    Increase in

Why Kizen is the New #1 Business Platform

100% No-Code

Move at the speed modern business requires

  • Initial Setup

    Deploy 10x faster and never start from scratch with best-practice templates. Enterprise deployments in 3-8 weeks.

  • Ongoing Evolutions

    Avoid waiting weeks to months for changes with legacy providers. Give your teams the flexibility and ability to customize and adapt in real time.

Personalized Insights

Next-level intel is easily available to everyone

Work smarter with intelligent forecasting, activity prioritization, and efficiency analysis. Your unique insights are easily enhanced by AI for business and Kizen’s unified data model.

Intelligent Automations

Accelerate profitable growth

Boost productivity by 40%, automating time-consuming tasks with Kizen.

  • Lead Management

    Qualify, route, enrich, and score leads.

  • Manager Assist

    Stay on track with reminders and alerts.

  • Task Management

    Automate, assign, and prioritize tasks.

Seamless Collaboration

Connect, collaborate, and stay up-to-date intuitively

Kizen Sales CRM keeps everyone in the loop. With access to real-time information and the ability to communicate with collaborators within the platform, no one gets left behind.

Unlock your team’s full potential

Why Over 400k Users Have Chosen Kizen

  • Data Organization

    The easiest, fastest way to unify all company-wide data at any scale as your teams grow.

  • Manage Permissions

    A robust permission model ensures everyone accesses what they should.

  • Seamless Integration

    Integrate with 1k+ applications and build custom functionality as needed, code-free.

Kizen at Work

Discover all the ways Kizen helps supercharge productivity and accelerate profitable growth.

Easiest. Onboarding. Ever.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Built for You

    Kizen gets to know your business personally and builds an account for your unique needs.

  • Customer Testing

    Use the platform to ensure all processes are working as intended.

  • Seamless Integration

    Real data is migrated and all users are granted access.

Straightforward Pricing

No hidden costs

Even pricing is easier with Kizen – get access to everything you need for one price. To make the decision easier and save you from legacy providers, we’re taking all of the risk with our industry-leading 100% 90-day money back guarantee.

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    Kizen supports use cases of any complexity.

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    Our robust feature list guarantees a solution to nearly every business need.

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