Kizen Sales CRM Features

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Capture & Route Leads Intelligently

Website Lead Capture

Easily capture leads from your website with custom lead forms.

Lead Source Data

Automatically capture relevant advertising or UTM data from web leads. Easily attribute marketing events or campaigns to imported leads.

Lead Qualification

Use predetermined criteria to automatically vet leads before handing off to sales.

Duplicate Blocking

Prevent duplicate names in leads, opportunities, and accounts. Ensure each person only has 1 unified account.

Lead Registration

Empower partners to register leads using a form on your website.

Manage Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, & Accounts

Customizable Sales Process

Create the sales process on Kizen to exactly match your process in the real world.

Customizable Pipeline View

View your leads and opportunities on a fully customizable pipeline view that includes ownership, time, in stage, and 3 of your selected fields.

Interactive Table View

View your data on fully customizable tables that are as easy to edit as spreadsheets! Update details without clicking into records.

Real-Time Segmentation

Filter your leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts using a single filter or combination of filters in any combination.

Fully Customizable Records

Control the layout and data structure of each individual record type.

360-degree Profiles

Gain in-depth understanding of every relationship across time and touchpoints with all of your data in one place.


Assign an owner to any lead, opportunity, or account.

Team Member Association

Easily track team members across roles associated with a lead, opportunity, or account. Utilize this data in automations and reports.


Manage & Complete Activities Easier

Fully Customizable Activities

Configure activities to ensure data is input easily and accurately by team members.

Auto-Complete Activities

Never enter data twice with activities that automatically pull data from linked leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts.

Schedule Activities

Schedule follow-ups in a couple clicks to ensure a follow-up is never missed.

Scheduled Activities Dashlet

See all upcoming and overdue activities in a single view for all leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts.

Role-Based Assignment

Easily assign tasks to a whole team so any member can complete.

Activity Reminders

Remind team members in advance of an activity due date.

Overdue Activity Trigger

Trigger reminders or notifications to team members or management when an activity is overdue.

Enable Unprecedented Collaboration


Stay on the same page with a shared historical record of every note, change, and activity on every lead, opportunity, contact, and account.

Timeline Roll-Up

Customize how data flows between timelines of related objects, making it easy for you to see all relavant data at a glance.

Tag Collaborators

Mention stakeholders by name to notify of any item. Get notified automatically when they respond.

Email and Text Notifications

Automatically trigger activity updates to team members or management as requested.

Sell From Any Device

Complete Mobile Functionality

Complete any task and access all data easily from any smartphone or tablet.

Work Smarter

Get Real-Time Insights & Forecasts

Sales Forecasting

Use real-time data to accurately forecast sales for each team member, time range, account, and product line.

Activity Reporting

Track the number of each activity completed by each team member.

Activity Trends

Visualize how team activity is trending over time to ensure consistency in effort and performance.

Account-Based Reporting

Gain visibility into any account with real-time insights at your fingertips.

Dashlet Filters

Filter any dashlet using any data or combination of data to dive deeper into what’s driving sales.


Create healthy competition and celebrate top performers with customizable team leaderboards.

Goal Tracking

Track team member progress towards quotas. Visualize a combination of won deals and in-progress deals for any time range.

Leverage Intelligent Sales Automations

Process Automation

Easily set up triggers, conditions, and goals to automate and ensure compliance to your unique processes.

Lead Routing

Send each lead directly to the appropriate salesperson based on territory, request type, or any unique logic.

Lead Scoring

Assign values to prospect interactions so reps can assess and prioritize leads.

Task Assignments

Auto-assign tasks and next steps to the correct team members based on their role and associations.

Cross-Object Creation

Easily create records in new workflows and pass relevant data (i.e. when a proposal is needed or sale is completed).

Cross-Object Sync

Keep objects in sync between different teams to ensure that everyone is on the same page (i.e. ensuring sales has access to the most recent success and service information).

Leverage Best Practices

Best-Practice Templates

Access best-practice templates for data architecture, pipeline setup, activities, and automations specific to your industry.


Hyper-Customize Without Coding

Custom Objects

Use objects to track anything from opportunities to proposals to accounts. Objects can also be visualized in a pipeline.

Custom Records View

Customize the layout and components of each record type.

Custom Fields

Add 20+ new fields to track any information you want. Easily store complex data including files, relationships, and dynamic tags.

Custom Activities

Create and track unique sales interactions.

Custom Dashboards

Slice and dice your data any way you want.

Custom Workflows

Build custom automations with drag-and-drop efficiency.

Integrate With Anything

Restful API

Easily integrate Kizen with custom applications using our well-documented, Restful API.

GSuite Email Integration

Sync your Google Email to automatically sync emails to contacts, leads, opportunities, and accounts. Send and receive emails directly from Kizen with two-way email sync.

Outlook Email Integration

Sync your Microsoft Email to automatically sync emails to contacts, leads, opportunities, and accounts. Send and receive emails directly from Kizen with two-way email sync.

External HTTP Requests

Create custom Put, Post, Patch, & Delete requests that execute when scheduled or triggered.

Workato Connector

Connect with 1000+ enterprise grade apps utilizing our robust Workato Connector.

Zapier Connector

Connect with 4000+ apps utilizing our robust Zapier connector.

Data Enrichment

Enrich contact and account details with social and public profile info harvested online from up to 12 different data partners.

Govern With Complete Control

Multiple User Roles

Create user roles to manage data and functionality access according to business requirements.

Custom Permission Groups

Create unique permission groups to control access and assign to different roles.

Page-Level Permissions

Control which functionalities team members have access to.

Object-Level Permissions

Control which objects team members have access to.

Field-Level Permissions

Limit access and editing privileges for specific fields to qualified personnel.

Ownership-Level Permissions

Create custom access levels based on account and record ownership.

Audit Logs

Get a sequential history of everything created, edited or deleted within Kizen.

Scale To Any Size Team

Cloud and On-Premise Deployment

Choose the deployment option that matches your needs and compliance environment, be it on-premise or via the cloud of your choice.

Big-Data Ready

Store, filter, and action on tens of millions of records and interactions.

Full Sandbox

Test and customize in separate environments without compromising your live environments.

Straightforward Pricing

No hidden costs

Even pricing is easier with Kizen – get access to everything you need for one price. To make the decision easier and save you from legacy providers, we’re taking all of the risk with our industry-leading 100% 90-day money back guarantee.

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