Kizen Privacy & Security

Kizen Security & Services

Count on Kizen to keep all your data safe. Ensure security and compliance at all times so your business can operate with ease and peace of mind.

Alleviate regulatory burdens and rest secure under Kizen’s vigilant watch with a platform built for the largest and most regulated businesses in the world. Easily manage complex data access rules and ensure compliance with ISO 27001, HIPPA, SOC2, and every regulation in between.


Responsible Disclosure Policy

Data security is a top priority for Kizen, and Kizen believes that working with skilled security researchers can identify weaknesses in any technology.

If you believe you’ve found a security vulnerability in Kizen’s service, please notify us; we will work with you to resolve the issue promptly.

Disclosure Policy

If you believe you’ve discovered a potential vulnerability, please let us know by emailing us at We will acknowledge your email promptly.

  • Provide us with a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue before disclosing it to the public or a third party.
  • Make a good faith effort to avoid violating privacy, destroying data, or interrupting or degrading the Kizen service.
  • Please only interact with accounts you own or for which you have explicit permission from the account holder


While researching, we’d like you to refrain from:

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
  • Spamming
  • Social engineering or phishing of Kizen employees or contractors
  • Any attacks against Kizen’s physical property or data centers

Thank you for helping to keep Kizen and our users safe!

Disciplinary Action

Employees who violate this policy may face disciplinary consequences in proportion to their violation. Kizen management will determine how serious an employee’s offense is and take the appropriate action.


It is the Kizen InfoSec team’s responsibility to see if this policy is enforced.

Confidentiality and Sensitive Information

Kizen will follow industry best practices and strict procedures to keep client data, passwords, processes, and other sensitive information secure throughout and after our work together. If desired, the Client may request Kizen delete all sensitive information from the Company’s servers upon termination.


Kizen will provide software and services as outlined in the provided proposal. If the Client requests training, support, or additional work that falls outside of the scope of the proposal, Kizen will provide an additional proposal or may suggest an hourly based structure to maximize flexibility.

Timelines & Communication

Our mission is to help your business grow as quickly as possible. We bring a sense of urgency to every project and do everything possible to deliver on-time or early. Our projects typically require excellent collaboration between our team and yours. To ensure projects are delivered on-time, please communicate information to our team as quickly as possible and ensure that the information we’re receiving is accurate. Kizen is not responsible for delays caused by the Client, and reserves the right to request additional compensation if inaccurate or delayed information requires additional work to be done.

Copyrights, Trademarks, & Intellectual Property

All data input and generated by the Kizen Platform is owned by the Client. Client guarantees that all elements of text, images, or other artwork provided to Kizen are either owned by the client or the client has written permission to use. When engaging Kizen Services, copyright and intellectual property rights for the work will automatically and permanently be transferred to the client once the final payment for a given project has cleared.

Project Minimum Terms, Cancellation or Suspension

There is no minimum term or cancellation penalty for the Kizen Platform. Client may cancel at any time. Certain Kizen Services have minimum engagement terms as they require significant up-front investments by our team. These items are clearly noted on project proposals. If services are canceled or suspended by Kizen for any reason, the client will receive a full refund. If services are canceled or suspended by the client for any reason, the full amount of services agreed upon will still be due.


Payment terms are clearly outlined on your proposal. All Kizen invoices are provided digitally. Kizen requests payment via direct deposit, bank wire, or credit card. Payments not received by the due date will result in work cessation. Monthly late charges of $50+10% of the late balance will be added to unpaid balances every 30 days.

Agreement, Invalidity, & Governing Law

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Kizen and the client. In the event any individual provision is deemed illegal or unenforceable it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Texas.

Additional Provisions

The terms and conditions of this agreement may be modified or amended as necessary if agreed upon in writing by both parties.