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Drive More Opportunities & Revenue With The Perfect Software For B2B & Account-Based Marketing

Kizen Delivers Everything You Need

Attract And Convert New Buyers

Capture leads from online and offline sources and intelligently nurture through personalized email, text, ads, and more. Then, automatically send these leads over to your sales team once conversation-ready.

Upsell And Cross-Sell More Effectively

Automatically follow-up on purchases to show customers the true value of their initial purchase, while intelligently cross-selling additional offerings.

Deliver Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Intelligent, account-based marketing drives results. With Kizen, automatically and intelligently nurture your leads and customers and test what works best.

Optimize Every Dollar Spent

Ensure you get credit for every sale you help generate with accurate ROI reports. Kizen’s dashboards help you easily determine your best performing channels.

Employ Next-Gen Email, Text, And Ad Marketing

Take your communication to the next level with Kizen’s powerful and personalized email and text builders. Utilize Kizen’s Customer Data Platform to personalize and improve ad campaigns.

Collaborate With Your Sales Team

Create a collaborative nature between marketing and sales teams so that everyone has a clear view of the sales funnel and works smarter. Track leads and opportunities throughout the entire sales process and ensure they are being followed-up on promptly as the SLA dictates.

Unify And Enrich Your Data

Kizen easily integrates your lead source, opportunity, sales, marketing, support, and customer success data, along with actual purchase data.* Easily enrich with third-party integrations to enable next-gen insights and experiences.

*Ensures compliance with GDPR and CCPA

Deploy Campaigns Faster & Easier

Don’t slow down your campaigns by going to IT for requests, builds, or updates. With Kizen’s intuitive, no-coding interfaces, marketers can easily do it all.

Engage Intelligently & Automatically

Kizen provides both technology and consulting to help your team leverage cutting-edge machine learning and strategic intelligence to drive more revenue. To learn more, speak with one of our data scientists.