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Drive More Revenue With Kizen: The Perfect Software For B2C Marketers

B2C Marketer

Kizen Delivers Everything You Need

Kizen interaction tracking

Attract And Convert More New Buyers

Engage every potential buyer intelligently and personally through email, text, ads, and more. Unify and track the efforts of online and offline campaigns to decrease Customer Acquisition Cost and drive more new purchasers.

Kizen Automations Product Remarketing

Upsell And Cross-Sell More Effectively

Automatically follow-up on purchases with intelligent cross-sells and upsells to increase the Lifetime Value of each customer and turn customers into brand champions.

Kizen Revenue by Lead Source

Optimize & Maximize Your ROI

Determine your best performing channels, measure performance of each placement, and re-evaluate to increase your ROI. Ensure you get credit for every purchase your team helps generate.

Kizen is Super Easy to Use and Fast

Deploy Faster And Easier

Enhance agility and get your campaigns to market faster - without needing IT. With Kizen’s intuitive interfaces, marketers can easily build intelligent campaigns, deliver personalized communications, and gain insight without ever writing a line of code.

Kizen Automation Pathways

Deliver Next-Gen Personalization Through Email, Text, And Ads

Use Kizen’s intuitive, powerful and personalized email and text builders to easily build and deliver intelligent customer journeys automatically. Trigger targeted messaging and ads based on any customer action or attributes - easily leveraging previous history with your brand.

Kizen Ad Integrations

Advertise Smarter

Track the impact of every ad buy and see how campaigns work together. Retarget and suppress your Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads to personalize your campaigns and see how customers are reacting.

Kizen Integrations Engine

Unify Your Data & Ensure Compliance

Kizen easily integrates data from your marketing, sales, support, and success teams along with purchase data. Easily enhance your data with 3rd party enrichment and ensure you comply with relevant regulations including HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, GDPR, and CCPA.

Kizen Opportunity Conversion

Work Collaboratively With All Your Teams

Work seamlessly with your sales and customer experience teams to drive more sales and better customer experiences. Ensure seamless data sync so you know where everything stands in real-time and coordinate the prospect and buyer experience with ease.

Kizen Zoe Intelligence

Engage Intelligently & Automatically

Kizen provides both technology and consulting for leveraging cutting-edge machine learning. This new technology can be utilized to more intelligently guide each customer along the buying process and drive more revenue. To learn more, speak with one of our data scientists.

Kizen Content Builder

Send Beautiful Surveys

Utilize surveys throughout your buyer journey to increase conversion and loyalty. Generate more referrals and online reviews from your happy customers automatically.