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Increase Customer Satisfaction And Create Brand Champions With Kizen

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Customer Experience Representative
Kizen Automation Engine

Support Your Customer Through Every Stage Of Their Journey

Envision and provide amazing, personalized customer journeys with ease. Create end-to-end customer experiences with Kizen’s journey builder, gathering the most important customer health metrics, setting goals, tracking behavior, and ultimately, driving customers to become brand champions.

Track NPS scores for customer support

Personalized Customer Engagement At Scale

Personalize each customer’s journey with dynamic goals. When building your customers’ journey, you will be able to set goals and trigger personalized content to be sent, depending on whether those goals are met or not.

Check to ensure customers are engaging with your product properly, staying active, and make sure that no one falls through the cracks.

Kizen ROI Dashboards

One Unified Dashboard

Have your most important growth metrics displayed in one central view to better understand your most valuable, and at-risk, customers. Track NPS, customer engagement, and health scoring to maximize retention, and look for patterns in the customer experience.

Insights answer your key questions, such as which pages most increase the amount customers spend, which features are most important to your highest-paying customers, which functions free-trial customers use before they convert to paying customers, and where clients get stuck in their processes.

Kizen Ideal Prospect Group

Upsell And Cross-Sell More Effectively

Automatically follow-up with customers to show them the true value of their service or product purchase, while intelligently cross- or up-selling them on the additional services, products, or content you offer.

Kizen Customer Success

Intelligent Engagement Scores

Generate healthy Customer Engagement Scores to measure how your customers and free trial users are doing with your brand based on activity and usage. See how likely customers are to renew, upgrade, and purchase, and identify at-risk customers with ease.

Kizen NPS Scores

Proactive NPS And Satisfaction Surveys

Determine where your customer experience stands in the eyes of the customer. Deploy NPS surveys dynamically to get a better idea of each customer as well as aggregate trends. Customize surveys to get deeper feedback.

Kizen NPS Scores

Detect At-Risk Customers & Intervene Early

Smart Sort allows you to easily determine whether customers are satisfied or unsatisfied with their experience. Easily personalize the experience, ask happy customers for reviews or referrals, and send escalating unhappy customers to management for immediate resolution.

Kizen Survey Studio

Sentiment Analysis And Forecasting

Enable your team to gauge your customer’s emotions with sentiment scores. Use those scores to feed into your sentiment analysis pipeline.

When a customer’s sentiment is low, automatically move that customer to a lower level of renewal likelihood in your sentiment pipeline. Use the forecasting feature in this pipeline to ensure each and every customer gets the attention they need before renewal time, and to understand sentiment trends over time.

Kizen Happy Team

Seamless Integration With Your Teams

Easily identify the perfect time to assign tasks to your team proactively. Send reminders and notify management if action isn’t taken as required.

Kizen’s intelligent automations will also help ensure teams are giving the attention that your customers require. Assign different customer journeys based on SLA contracts so each customer receives the right service package.

Kizen is Super East, Fast, and Smart

Fast & Easy To Use

Don’t worry about going to IT for requests, builds, or updates. With Kizen’s intuitive interfaces, you can easily build campaigns, leverage data, and assess business intelligence.