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Customer Success Manager
Kizen integration with Calendly

Automated Onboarding And Scheduling Sequences

Let Kizen automatically send onboarding material to your customers and fill up your meeting calendar. Walk in each day with new customer success opportunities, ready-to-go.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

360-Degree View Of Each And Every Customer

Know your customer and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Easily see all your customer activities, interactions, and touchpoints in chronological order and in real-time. Find the reference data you need with Kizen's filtering capabilities, and collaborate across teams on any timeline.

Kizen Automation Engine

Customer Journey Automation

With Kizen’s customer journey builder, engage intelligently and automatically across all channels for each segment. With an advanced automation engine, workflows are easily customized to simplify complex conditions for every part of the customer experience. In addition, customizable pipelines lets you track every deal and address customers if they get stuck.

Kizen Sales Cloud

Customer Success Task Management Automation

Kizen’s intelligent automation will help you manage your day. If you’re responsible for an at-risk customer, Kizen can schedule an outbound call. If you forgot to log an activity, Kizen will keep you accountable.

Kizen Activity Scheduling

Customizable Customer Success Activity Portals

Foster incredible customer relationships by tracking every detail. Customizable activities give Customer Success Managers a way to track all the most important data regarding each customer touchpoint. Detail your customer’s sentiment, level of experience, specific challenges, and more.

Kizen Customer Success

Dynamic CSAT Surveys And Intelligent Sentiment Alerts

Track customer sentiment with dynamic CSAT surveys deployed in-real time, at the right time. Kizen survey metrics help you understand how well you are guiding your individual customers and your entire book.

Get notified when customers are unsatisfied and receive intelligent guidance on the right intervention based on customer feedback, or capitalize on opportunities to upsell a newly-recognized customer champion.

Kizen Text Marketing

Dynamic Content Based On Unique Customer Experiences

Take your communication to the next level with Kizen’s powerful and personalized email and text capabilities. Personalize and deliver your post-meeting, check-in, rescheduling, renewal, or adoption sequences with one-click.

Kizen Automation Engine

Escalations For Challenging Customers

Ensure that you retain even the most challenging or unsatisfied customers through intelligent escalations processes. Escalate to a specialist or manager with one-click, automatically sharing the most important customer data with them. Collaborate to redeem your brand in the eyes of the toughest detractors.

Kizen Data Sync

Date-Based Renewal Automations

Kizen’s intelligent data platform automatically helps increase retention rate by taking all of your customers’ renewals and sentiment data and reaching out to them on your behalf. Get notified if a customer is unlikely to renew.

When renewal time comes, automatically generate, manage, and deliver contracts with one-click.

Kizen Pipelines

Automated Renewal Forecasting

Easily manage and see the status of each customer with automated renewal forecasting pipelines. Kizen’s intelligent dashboards will forecast how likely each customer will be to renew.

View your entire customer book in aggregate, filter for any group of customers based on data-points, or even drill down each customer individually to see every detail needed to ensure success.

Kizen Automated Email Marketing

Free Trial Conversion

Increase your retention rate for free trial users by sending emails triggered at the right time when a trial needs to be activated. With Kizen Sequences, you can easily schedule a series of emails to go out after a set number of minutes, hours, or days. Sequences with personalized, smart messaging help customers learn more about the value of your business and product offerings over time as they decide to opt-in.

Kizen Happy Team

Collaborate With Your Teams

Create a collaborative nature between marketing and sales teams so that everyone has a clear view of the sales funnel and works smarter. Track leads and opportunities throughout the entire sales process and ensure they are being followed-up on promptly as the SLA dictates.

Kizen is Super East, Fast, and Smart

Fastest And Easiest To Setup And Maintain

Kizen is fully deployable in under 2 weeks and approx. 80% less time/cost than legacy providers. With Kizen’s intuitive, no-coding interfaces, users can easily do it all, saving 5-15 hours per week on average.