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Transform Your Data Into Usable Analytics With Kizen

Ready to make visualizing your data a reality?

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Kizen interaction tracking

Unify Your Data

Store all information about a customer, company, and deal in a single profile. Easily allow your teams to customize and build with custom fields for files, tags, dates, numbers, selections, and more - updated automatically in real-time as information changes.

Kizen Channel Attribution

Generate Dashboards In Real-Time

With unified data, companies are able to generate real-time dashboards that business users can access and actually use. Kizen can help you create a data lake that offers opportunities to visualize, analyze, and report on company insights with ease. Spot business trends effortlessly that help you perform more efficiently.

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A Clear Path To Machine Learning

Kizen’s Customer Data Platform has been purpose-built from the ground up to use AI and machine learning on big data to build the future of business. Kizen provides identity resolution technology such as duplicate detection, avoidance, and merging to help your team leverage strategic business intelligence.

Kizen Data Compliance

Security And Compliance

Control access to certain data and limit user permissions, ensuring that all teams have access to the information they need and kept away from sensitive data. Kizen is GDPR, CCPA, SOC2 Type 1, PCI, Cloud Security Alliance, HIPAA, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield compliant.

Kizen is Super East, Fast, and Smart

Intuitive, No-Coding Interfaces

Kizen’s intuitive, no-coding interfaces means your business users aren’t slowed down by going to the IT or analytics department for constant requests, builds, or updates. With its ease-of-use, business users can easily do everything they need to drive more revenues.