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Solution To Creating A Multi-Faceted Operations Platform

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Kizen’s Intuitive Business Setup

Intuitive Business Setup

Quickly setup and manage your business settings with an intuitive and centralized settings section. With Kizen’s no-code interfaces, build and manage comprehensive automations and workflows. Complete your setup in 80% less time and ensure ongoing administration is smooth and simple.

Kizen Easy Team Setup

Easy Team Set-Up And Management

Quickly add and manage team members with customizable roles and permissions. Kizen’s straightforward permission features make it easy to manage your team and gives you the ability to set-up routing, assignments, escalations, and interventions intelligently.

Kizen No-Code Automations

No-Code Automation And Workflow Management

Strategize and deploy marketing, sales, service, or cross-team workflows in minutes. Kizen’s no-code automations make delivering superior customer journeys and team member experiences simple and efficient.

Kizen Automated Email and Texts

Automated, Personalized Email And Texts

Trigger personalized content sequences in seconds and take your communication to the next level with Kizen’s powerful email and text capabilities. Utilize Kizen to personalize and deliver your post-meeting, rescheduling, or even cold-call follow-ups to your customers.

Kizen Activity Scheduling

Automated Onboarding And Scheduling Sequences

Let Kizen automatically send the appropriate onboarding materials to each new customer, such as welcome content, required documentation, and sign-up forms. With Kizen, customers are informed immediately, and teams have a full schedule each and every day.

Kizen Unifies Your Data

Unify All Your Data

Make your data a competitive advantage. Kizen’s Customer Data Platform easily integrates your lead source, opportunity, sales, marketing, support, purchase, and customer experience data together. Easily enrich with third-party integrations to enable next-gen insights and experiences.

Kizen Drag-and-Drop Builder

Drag-And-Drop Interfaces For All Your Needs

Use drag-and-drop builders to customize interfaces for all of your teams and customers, from landing pages to dynamic forms to sales activities. Build an unlimited number of Kizen pipelines customized to work exactly the way your team does with a simple visual interface.

Kizen Dynamic Surveys

Dynamic Surveys And Intelligent Sentiment Alerts

Track customer sentiment with dynamic surveys deployed in real-time, at the right time. Kizen survey metrics help your team understand how well they are guiding individual customers and their entire book.

Get notified when customers are unsatisfied and receive intelligent guidance on the right intervention based on customer feedback, or capitalize on opportunities to upsell a newly-recognized customer champion.

Kizen Real-Time Dashboards

Accurate And Unified Real-Time Dashboards

Unify the entire company around a single set of accurate metrics that your business can depend on. Integrate all your raw data into a unified, real-time dashboard.

Ensure every team member accurately understands their performance, and help your management teams boost their impact on the bottom line.

Kizen BI

Powerful And Effortless Business Intelligence

Extract useful insights for all of your teams. Kizen’s out-of-the-box Customer Data Platform allows you to leverage data with simple report filtering and exporting, as well as drag-and-drop dashboards to get your team the data they need.

Kizen Data Architecture

Easily Customizable Data Architecture

Customize your account architecture and pivot quickly based on the needs of your team. Kizen’s data architecture allows you to envision and execute plans efficiently with unlimited custom fields and custom objects.

Kizen API Keys and Integration

Robust Integrations Engine And API Documentation

Integration has never been easier. Kizen’s copy-and-paste interaction pixels, native integrations, Zapier and Workato applications, and detailed API documentation make real-time, 3rd-party data super accessible and useful. Inversely, build integrations with Kizen as the “trigger” to drive operations in your other applications using the data you’ve collected with Kizen.

Kizen Certified Partner

Amazing Technical Support And Certification Programs

Capitalize on Kizen’s world-class consulting, technical support teams, and partnership certification programs. If you have technical trouble, open a ticket and speak with a support agent in minutes. You’ll soon learn that Kizen’s products maximize your impact on the world and build a foundation of knowledge that you can use to blaze your own trail.