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Advertise More Effectively With Kizen: The Perfect Solution For Performance Marketers

Ready to take your advertising
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Hard working performance marketer
Kizen Performance Marketing

Optimize Return On Ad Spend

Kizen Ads tie directly to revenues, where you can easily see the cost, impressions, clicks, leads, orders, and revenues for every campaign, group, and keyword. View the status of your most important advertising metrics, such as cost per lead, customer acquisition cost, and customer lifetime value, on every campaign.

Kizen Performance Marketing

Get Next-Gen Insights

Kizen provides one unified dashlet that tracks all your campaigns with the most important customer data. See which channels are generating the most valuable customers, which are increasing customer value, and which are driving the most growth. Check accountability for every campaign by tracking where customers end up after they click on your ad.

Kizen Performance Marketing

Email Remarketing

Add display advertising to any Kizen email marketing campaign. With this combination of email marketing and advertising strategy, users can send the right message to the right customer at the right time

Kizen Performance Marketing

Customer Data Platform Retargeting & Suppression

Leverage Kizen's Customer Data Platform with your ads to make sure the right message is being received to your customers. If a customer has already bought your main product or service, they’ll be shown ads for a different product or service you provide, increasing your cross- or up-sell opportunities.

Kizen Performance Marketing

Google Search And Display Ads

Ensure your customers are easily able to find you with Google Search Ads. Quickly determine which keywords are generating your high-value prospects and customers, and invest in more profitable campaigns.

Get in front of your target audience with Google Display Ads. Track text, banner, Gmail, and mobile app ads with Kizen and easily compare performance.

Kizen Performance Marketing

Take Advantage Of Facebook Ads

Facebook’s advanced demographic and location-based targeting means your business can find your exact audience and reach out to them with the perfect messaging.

Kizen Performance Marketing

Find Your Next Great Customer

Look-a-like audiences (available from Google, Facebook, and other platforms) find customers with demographics and behavioral data that matches your “ideal” customer. When integrated with Kizen’s unified data platform, you’ll have access to advanced targeting that will discover your next great customer.