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Kizen “Cashes In” for Fintech Loyalty Platform.


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A unique fintech loyalty program provides services around gaming platforms, allowing gamers to make in-app purchases and unlock rewards in their favorite games, while earning cash back to spend in real life. The platform hosts information on millions of subscribers per game, generating real-time offers to users through its data and AI recommendation engine.





Concierge Services


“Kizen is the decision-making core of our company. Until you see it, you won’t believe it. We set the conditions, the data comes in, and Kizen reacts in real-time. The entire platform is precision-tuned to our needs, extremely effective and saves us money.”

- CEO & Co-Founder, Kizen Client

Data Organization

It’s a numbers game.

Kizen captures massive amounts of game-play data, including in-app purchases, uploaded funds, loyalty points and user levels, and organizes it within the platform in real-time so it can be used to generate personalized offers and recommendations based on live game play.

Intelligent Automation

Taking it to the next level.

Kizen automates complex logic and decision sequences, customizing offers, game challenges and in-app purchase suggestions for each subscriber based on their real-time game play. Bringing value to gaming platform partners as well through unprecedented behavioral analytics.

Seamless Integrations

Teaming up to take the win.

For subscribers to manage all their gaming assets and play in one place, this client must sync with a broad array of third-party systems. Kizen codelessly connects the loyalty platform with various banking partners, payment processing systems, gaming apps, SMS messaging solutions, service providers and more, providing real-time, two-way sync for a seamless experience.


Kizen's smart moves create a winning streak:

9X faster platform deployment

$1.8M saved annually in programmers and licensing fees.

Integrated five disparate systems

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Kizen is the fastest-deploying, most cost-effective enterprise sales acceleration platform on the planet.