Kizen vs.
Other Solutions

Kizen-exclusive functionality that you won’t see anywhere else.

Built forSpeed & Affordability

Two clicks and you’re off to the races.

Achieve unprecedented time-to-value using Kizen’s expansive template library & industry-specific data models for machine learning.

Never touch a single line of code again.

Edit virtually anything within Kizen using a no-code visual interface - data architecture, business intelligence, dashboards, personalized customer journeys, AI/ML insights, and more.

Give any team member developer capabilities.

Any team member you specify can customize Kizen to match your needs, building or modifying applications in minutes or hours that would take developers days or weeks in other CRM, operations, marketing, data, and automation platforms.

Startup speed for enterprise organizations.

Kizen’s revolutionary data infrastructure and platform flexibility, along with world-class Customer Success, allow us to get the largest enterprises up-and-running, including AI/ML readiness, in less than three months.

Built forFreedom & Flexibility

Easily define new data categories & classes in a few clicks.

Most platforms force you to fit all of your data within pre-set categories that don’t match everyone’s needs (e.g. companies, deals, etc.). Anything more requires engaging data and development professionals. In Kizen, it’s as simple as a few clicks.

Advanced permissioning for improved usability & data governance.

Enhance usability and manage data governance by opening up or removing access to any function, feature, object, report, or field. Simply set the permissions by role to none, view, create/edit, or delete.

Maximize team member value & operational performance.

Eliminate tedious data queries, small programming tweaks, manual data uploads, compiling common reports, etc. for your most valuable people.

Borderline technology omnipotence for enterprise IT teams.

Kizen gives IT teams power & efficiency by providing a single tool that allows them to solve almost any operations, administrative, sales, marketing, or data management challenge organization-wide.

Built forEnterprise Connection

Unlimited integration capabilities and platform neutrality.

Supplement or replace any data, sales, marketing, automation, or operations application using Kizen’s cloud agnostic integration options: 1-click, zero-ETL, connector, API, or bots (RPA) - even if your existing tools don’t offer an API.

Organization-wide accessibility without sacrificing compliance.

Connect every stakeholder to your organization's critical data, regardless of geographic distance or varying cross-department applications, while remaining fully compliant with HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and more. Cloud-based and on-premises solutions available.

The ONLY “first touch” to “final interaction” data solution.

Legacy software has advertised “customer 360º” insights for years. Kizen is the world’s first platform that extends this 360º view to your entire business using universal data capture, unification, and reporting, PLUS near-limitless automation & activation of all your business data.

A powerful, forward-thinking enterprise community.

Kizen’s service provider network is passionate about what’s best for their clients, not which legacy software solution will pay them the largest commission. Paired with our annual event where the most innovative enterprise minds come together in one place - you’ll never feel alone.

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