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Low Pay and Lack of Flexibility Among Top Areas of Job Dissatisfaction According to New Survey, Up Significantly from 2022

9 in 10 Full-Time Workers Using AI in Workplace, Kizen Survey Finds

AUSTIN, TX — Low paychecks and inflexibility are the top factors driving workplace dissatisfaction, according to a new survey from Kizen, a game-changing AI and hyper-automation platform that significantly enhances efficiency and revenue opportunities for enterprises in three months or less. Among survey respondents, 27% of full-time workers reported being most unhappy with their paycheck, up from 19% in 2022, and 33% said that a lack of flexibility at work was one of their greatest points of discontent, up from 9%.

When asked about the use of artificial intelligence (AI), 83% of people say they use AI in everyday life. Those most aware of their AI use are millennials (92%), those who are employed full-time (89%), and postgraduates (90%). Additionally, 90% of adults in the highest income bracket ($100,000 and up) said that AI is part of their work, more than any other income demographic. By contrast, those in lower income brackets more commonly said AI was not part of their work (25% of those making less than $50,000 and 15% of those between $50,000 and $99,999).

“AI is already omnipresent and extraordinarily useful in our daily lives. With constant advances, it will only become more popular – and that’s something to be excited about,” said John Winner, Founder and CEO of Kizen. “As industry leaders, it’s our job to meet people where they are in the world of AI, and help guide them into the future. This data shows that we need to educate people on how much AI will improve their personal and professional lives and eliminate the unnecessary fears surrounding new technologies.”

Nearly one-third of respondents reported they are “very confident” AI will be used in some way within their organization, but they lack a clear sense of exactly what the implementation will look like. As companies adopt more AI technology to help their businesses, millennials are most convinced of AI’s pervasiveness within organizations, with 87% of millennials agreeing that AI will be present within organizations and may have the ability to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Respondents were also asked if they believe they use AI in some way within their daily work or life. Initially, only four in ten adults (39%) were certain that they use AI in some way within their daily work life. However, when presented with examples of common devices and applications that rely on AI, such as navigation apps, personalized shopping and entertainment recommendations, and AirPods, 65% of adults indicated they are certain they definitely or probably use it.

Business leaders and CEOs can learn more about AI’s effectiveness and ability to improve workplace efficiency and productivity by visiting for more information. A full report of the survey and its findings is available upon request.

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