Why We Exist

Meet Kizen, the most time-saving business platform ever built. We democratize intelligent automation and big data to empower people to spend their time on what matters most. Because time is money, and our most valuable resource.

Our Story

Kizen was founded in 2018 by enterprise consultants who saw companies struggling with expensive, difficult to use, and time-consuming legacy technology providers. They wanted to create an easy, affordable way for every business to leverage the incredible potential of intelligent automation and big data.

Intelligent Automation

  • $2.9

    Trillion Additional Annual Profits

  • 6.2

    Billion Hours Saved Yearly

Big Data

  • $5.4

    Trillion Additional Annual Profits

  • 40%

    Faster Revenue Growth


Since launching in 2021, Kizen’s game-changing platform helps companies around the world accelerate profitable growth. The average business with $20M in annual revenue can expect to add $2M annually within 12-18 months of deployment. It’s why we’re one of the fastest growing tech companies in the U.S.

Founded in

Launched in
September 2021

Sold 400k+

15+ industry global


Our team has worked with the world’s most reputable brands across every industry.

Kizen Life

Culture is more than a catchphrase at Kizen. Our people are the heart and soul of our brand. We hire incredible folks and unleash them to do their life’s work. We celebrate our team members’ unique gifts and interests, and encourage them to pursue their passion projects in and outside the office.

Corporate Responsibility

We strive to create a positive and lasting impact on people and the planet in every endeavor.


“There is an incredible opportunity right now to help businesses have significantly more impact, faster growth, and higher profitability. We do that by helping teams better use their data and leverage intelligent automation.”

- Kizen CEO, John Winner

Investors and Advisors

Proudly backed by leaders from elite Fortune-ranked companies and investment firms.

Our Product Philosophy

01 100% No Code

Empower employees with an intuitive interface and best-practice templates.

02 Unified Data

Ensure everyone has access to info and insights they need in real time.

03 Intelligent Automation

Automate everything possible so you can focus on the most important tasks.

04 Ultimate Flexibility

Build custom workflows without a single line of code to work the way you want.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from real Kizen customers.

“Part of the power of Kizen is the ability to continually update and refine our business development pursuits and contracted projects. I see a million different ways this is going to help our business.”

Rio Franzman, COO and Director of Business Development, KC Harvey

“I was tired of piecing together several mediocre software solutions to tackle my marketing and sales initiatives. Kizen gave me an "all-in-one" solution that allowed me to collect, store, and take informed action on my data. I've experienced huge time savings and an increase in company revenue.”

G2 Review

“Kizen's automations have helped me save 10-15 hours of my time weekly by putting administrative and operational tasks on autopilot. More importantly, this functionality has allowed me to create dynamic customer experiences at every stage of my B2B funnels increasing my bottom line.”

G2 Review

“We went from using multiple systems with disorganized client data to a streamlined workflow. Now we let Kizen worry about the small stuff so we can focus on growing sales.”

Ali Elyasi, VP of Sales, Werqwise

“I wanted a system that was simple enough people would actually use and would support our company’s growth. With Kizen, it’s seamless to deliver data, build automations, and keep prospects in the pipeline. We immediately started seeing benefits.”

Joe Etheredge, CEO, MaxTrans

“Kizen is a game-changer. She frees our coordinators from sourcing participants to serving patients. Kizen has truly fast-tracked our ability to bring life-changing treatments to those who need them most.”

Dr. Paul Winner, Sr. Director, Attending Neurologist, Premiere Research Institute

“Kizen is among the best CRM products that you can find in the market since it allows me to save my information in various formats. The product is superb when compared to other software in asset management since it is very fast and easy to use.”

G2 Review

Results You Can Count On

Supercharge Productivity. Accelerate Profitable Growth. Perform Better than Ever.


deployment and maintenance savings


hours back per employee each week


of company data used for the first time

Our Core Values

Discover what makes Kizen so incredibly awesome.

Customer Obsessed

Customer Obsessed

We invest heavily in our existing relationships and treat your business as if it were our own.

Fiercely Kind

Fiercely Kind

We strive to be a force for good in all we do, prioritizing stewardship and giving back.

Relentlessly Excellent

Relentlessly Excellent

Sky-high standards mean we take responsibility for ensuring initiatives exceed expectations.

Amazingly Fun

Amazingly Fun

Doing the job of your dreams should be amazingly fun, so we celebrate early and often.

Kizen Gives

We share our prosperity by donating to causes our employees care about, amplifying the impact in three ways.

  • 01

    Kizen gives to the organization that each employee selects.

  • 02

    Team members make individual contributions to their causes.

  • 03

    Executives personally match the amount of each employee gift.