We Help Enterprise Leaders Deploy AI & Advanced Automation “Impossibly” Fast

We know our claims are bold, but we’ve never under-delivered on client commitments.

The Leaders Who Love Kizen

Large & Complex

Ambitious enterprise organizations with sophisticated needs.

Recognize Data’s Value

Seeking improved data capabilities, but available solutions aren’t viable.

Ambitious Goals

Current initiatives that are only achievable using automation & AI.

A Need for Speed

A desire to fully deploy and integrate within months, not years.

Our clients usually identify with at least two of these before choosing Kizen.

If you identify with two or more - no technology in the world is a better fit for your needs than Kizen. We strongly recommend requesting a consultation.

Deploy Rapidly, Adjust Easily

Kizen deploys in three months or less no matter how challenging your organization’s data, integrations, or workflows are.


  • Months or years
    to define “perfect” requirements

  • Months or years
    to reach beta launch

  • Months for testing and acceptance

  • Months or years
    for additions or changes


  • Project Scope

  • Time to Launch

  • Testing & Adoption

  • Modifications

  • Quickly define initial requirements

  • 3-8 weeks to achieve beta launch

  • Days for testing and acceptance

  • Hours to days
    for additions or changes



Project Scope

Months or years to define “perfect” requirements


Quickly define initial requirements

Time to Launch

Months or years to reach beta launch


3-8 weeks to achieve beta launch

Testing & Adoption

Months for testing and acceptance


Days for testing and acceptance


Months or years for additions or changes


Hours to days for additions or changes

We Minimize Risk for Leaders of Large, Complex Organizations

Kizen’s modular data infrastructure & quick-start resources enable several exclusive benefits:

Kizen’s agile deployment delivers unprecedented time-to-value within 3-6 weeks. Guaranteed.

What It Means for You

Minimize financial and reputational risks vs. legacy solutions; introduce agility that improves productivity, win rate, sales velocity, and more.

Do More, Faster, With Fewer Resources By Empowering “Citizen Developers”

There are only 22,000 skilled artificial intelligence developers in the world, but over one billion knowledge workers.

Kizen’s visual interface provides data, AI, and advanced automation capabilities to developers and non-developers alike, empowering high-impact team members to deliver their maximum value.

This also provides your enterprise with a universal “command center” that serves as a single source of truth.

What It Means for You

Eliminate silos across regions, departments, or roles to transform collaboration and productivity; bring everything together in a holistic, unified platform without requiring any developer resources.

Customized Exclusively for Your Business, Regardless of Complexity

Kizen flexes and adapts into the perfect custom solution for your business - even for the most heavily-regulated industries. Code-free permissioning brings simplicity to challenging data governance and master data management (MDM):

What It Means for You

Leverage data from the complete customer/patient journey while remaining compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, or other strict regulatory standards.

Achieve More With Software That’s Purpose-Built for AI

Accenture & Oxford recently found that 93% of organizations can’t deploy AI or cutting-edge automation due to the exorbitant timelines & integration costs of legacy technology.

Kizen is a modern, AI-first platform founded in 2018.

Our infrastructure is specifically engineered to digest modern, complex data for generative AI, predictive AI, and advanced automation because we built Kizen for today’s world - 1999’s.

What It Means for You

Dramatically reduced lifetime cost of ownership and full access to today’s most powerful AI & automation technologies.

Kizen unlocks a world of speed & agility that redefines what’s possible for enterprises. Want to know more about Kizen?