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Let's Create A World Full Of Amazing Experiences For Everyone

Kizen is the #1 next-gen sales, marketing, and experience platform that helps companies drive smarter, faster growth, deliver amazing, personalized customer experiences, and unleash their full potential.

A World Full Of Amazing Experiences

Powering The Personalization Era

Kizen is the only CRM solutions provider built from scratch on a unified data platform and next-gen automation engine. This foundation helps your teams save time, work smarter, and deliver personalized experiences that drive faster growth.


More new customers per every dollar spent


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value


Hours saved per week for each team member


Less time & cost to deploy and maintain

Why Kizen Is The New #1 & The Best Choice For Your Team

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Develop more valuable relationships with smart automations across teams and channels.

Get Revenue-Generating Insights

Extract useful, actionable insights from your raw data to drive smarter, faster growth.

Save Time, Super Easy To Use

Intuitive, no-code interfaces and smart automations save time and remove manual admin work.

Integrate Seamlessly

Centralize all your tools and data into a unified view with Kizen’s Data Cloud.

Onboard Fast & Easy

Compared to legacy providers, Kizen takes 80% less time and cost. Fully deploy in as little as 2 days!

Explore Kizen’s Capabilities

Seamless Across The Highest ROI Channels

Marketing Cloud

Coordinate personalized engagement across all the highest ROI channels. Leverage 2-way, conversational marketing.

Sales Cloud

Save time and close more deals with a sales CRM your team will love.

Experience Cloud

Deliver more amazing, personalized customer experiences automatically.

Business Intelligence

Accurate, personalized insights available through beautiful real-time dashboards or scheduled reports.

Data Cloud

Create a single, accurate view of every customer and leverage the full value of your organization's data.

Integrations Engine

Connect Kizen seamlessly with websites, apps, in-house tools, and 3rd-party vendors.

Zoe Assistant

The world's smartest automation and strategic intelligence engine provides real-time personalized experiences and insights.

Each module can be purchased individually.

Everyone Wins With Kizen

With Kizen, Everyone Wins

Customers Win

More Amazing, Personalized Experience

Team Members Win

Save Time, Higher Productivity & Contributions

Managers Win

Better Decisions, Mentorship & Outcomes

Companies Win

Higher Profitability, Revenues & Impact