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for visionary enterprise leaders and their teams within three months.

The Impact of Enterprise Speed & Agility

“Today’s leaders need to be flexible and agile, and they need to teach their employees to be the same.”

Jim Collins, NYT Best-Selling Author of Good to Great


Customer Satisfaction


Employee Engagement


Operational Performance


Financial Performance

* McKinsey & Co. Research, “Enterprise Agility: Buzz or Business Impact?”

Redefining What’s Possible for Enterprise Teams

Kizen helps enterprise leaders empower their teams with unprecedented autonomy, efficiency, and agility.

Integrate with your current tech stack or power all of your data, sales, marketing, HR, and operations initiatives using Kizen as the heart of your enterprise.

Rapid Marketing Personalization

AI-driven, auto-deployed 1-to-1 journeys.

Hyper-automated customer journeys that learn from every data point in your business.

Swift, Informed HR Operations

Identify & hire star talent at warp speed.

AI-assisted HR administration to hire quickly, automate & adapt workflows, and retain your MVPs.

IT Rocketfuel

AI-accelerated IT support, data ops, & app creation.

Unified, centralized data plus a no-code interface allow you to launch in hours what used to take weeks.

Operations That Set the Pace

Maximize experiences & efficiency using automation.

Streamline workflows and manage, automate, & support initiatives in real-time using a single, no-code application.