Powering The Personalization Era

90% of customers expect personalized experiences, but companies can’t deliver them. Kizen and Zoe make it easy for any company, in any industry, to personalize every experience, delight customers, and drive more revenues.

Meet Kizen & Zoe

The Next-Gen Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience Platform

Kizen is the only perfectly-integrated growth platform, purpose-built to help businesses acquire more new customers, sell more to existing customers, save time, and deliver personalized experiences customers love.

Kizen Is The Ultimate Competitive Advantage & Will Be Your Team’s Favorite Tool


Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value


Hours Saved Per Team Member Per Week


Revenue Contribution per team member

The Era of Personalization is Here

Our platform helps companies more effectively acquire new customers and increase the value of existing customers. We do this by helping companies better use their data, maximize efficiency with smart automations, and create seamless, cross-channel, personalized experiences customers love.

Personalized Experiences Create:


Increase in



Decrease in
Acquistion Cost



ROI Increase
on Marketing


In the Era of Personalization, complete and seamless integration of marketing and sales isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. Kizen is the only technology solutions provider built from scratch to provide the seamless integration of all the technology needed to deliver personalized experiences at scale and drive growth on all the highest ROI channels.

With Kizen, Everyone Wins

Customers Win

More Amazing, Personalized Experiences

Team Members Win

Save Time, Higher Productivity & Contribution

Managers Win

Better Decisions, Mentorship & Outcomes

Companies Win

Higher Profitability, Revenues & Impact

Over 100 Million Personalized Experiences

  • Tasty Trade
  • Brown Advisory
  • Werqwise Coworking Spaces
  • Energy Net
  • Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust

Why they chose Kizen

Werqwise Coworking Spaces

Werqwise leadership knew they wanted their customer experience to be a competitive advantage and have a personal touch. Within 3 weeks of deploying Kizen, Werqwise was delivering automated personalized experiences across sales, marketing, and member relations - saving over 10 hours per team member each week and helping sell out their space.