Our Impact

Giving back is central to our mission at Kizen. We seek every opportunity to improve the world around us and serve the social good through our personal conduct and business practices.

Kizen - Social Impact

Social Impact

Investing in the Future

Equitable access to a quality education is a fundamental right for all of humanity. We’re committed to supporting students and educators around the globe by providing financial assistance, product donations, and hands-on mentorship - because education is the foundation for prosperity.

Investing in Mental Wellness

We believe balance is paramount to physical and mental well-being. We built our platform to alleviate stress by making work faster and easier, so employees can attain satisfaction and purpose in the workplace, and health and prosperity in life. We also invest in our communities, contributing to causes that support those in need.

Investing in Nonprofits

We think every organization making a positive impact on the world should have cutting-edge technology to accelerate and amplify their efforts. Our Nonprofit Grant Program gives nonprofits access to the Kizen platform for free, or at significant discount. Connect with our team to determine eligibility.


Carbon Negative

We are committed to doing (more than) our part to preserve the environment for future generations. Since day one, we have intentionally structured our operations to be carbon negative and resource positive. We use renewable energy anywhere we can, and offset our carbon consumption where we can’t by purchasing credits.

Zero Waste

We aim to eliminate as much waste as humanly possible - wastes of time, wastes of material, and the list goes on. This mentality is inherent in our products, and a guiding factor in our decisions. To that end, we use recyclable products when we can and zero-waste vendors where available.

Environmental Stewardship

We treat our environment in a responsible, considerate manner. We make a conscious effort in all our endeavors, both inside and outside of work, to leave the planet better than we found it. This principle of stewardship is central to our culture and engrained in the minds and actions of our teams.

Kizen - Startup Support

Startup Support

Jumpstart Initiative

Let us fast-track your business. We offer the entire Kizen platform to startups at an 80% discount, so you can bring ideas to life faster and accelerate profitable growth. Get right to work with a one-stop destination for supercharging your sales, marketing and experience teams. Talk with our experts to see if you qualify.

Mentorship Program

Collectively, our leadership and advisory team brings over three-and-half centuries of experience to the job. You might say we’ve “been there, done that” when it comes to startups. We pay-it-forward through mentorship, providing hands-on support to supercharge the next generation of entrepreneurs. Reach out to get connected.