Our Story

"It's time to work smarter."

These simple five words drive everything we do. Big data, automation, and AI present huge opportunities for companies to work smarter and advance humanity over the coming years. It’s our mission to build the technology that turns these opportunities into reality.

KIZEN is building software to transform the way people work. We make it easy for any organization to get insights from their data, leverage time saving automations, and enable AI so everyone can work smarter.

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It started with three guys in Austin, Texas.

As consultants for Fortune 500 companies, Kizen's founders realized that technology was holding companies back. Simply put, there were two bad options:

Using clunky, old platforms cobbled together through acquisitions that require multiple third-party add-ons

Manually building a network of modern, lightweight tools linked through unreliable APIs.


Technology should be making everything easier, but it wasn’t

With both options, technology wasted time and resources. The insights were incomplete and inaccurate. The workflows were inefficient. The data disconnected. The opportunities for revenue-driving automation and AI were limited. And the burden was on the companies to figure it out.

Building a smarter foundation

Kizen's founders chose to reinvent CRM and build Kizen to finally unleash every team's full potential. Kizen is a mission-driven company that understands a great mission alone isn't enough. Teams must have the intelligence, capability, and determination to get the job done. We do.

Meet The World’s Smartest CRM

Today, Kizen is the only technology solutions provider that offers complete sales, marketing, and payments capabilities built from scratch for modern businesses. Kizen is also the only enterprise-grade solution built from scratch for automation and AI.

This Is Just the Beginning.

Kizen's philosophy is to handcraft, not acquire, features that are beautifully designed and seamlessly integrate within the Kizen platform. Kizen will continue to add the capabilities needed to both drive results and create amazing experiences today and into the future.

Our Team

Our founders, investors, and team are engaged for the long term and will see our mission through to completion.

Today, our major investors include Susan Sheskey, former CIO of Dell Technologies; Alex Smith, the former Treasurer of Dell Technologies; and Patrick McGee, Managing Partner at MPK Private Equity.

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Our Mission.

“To create a world full of joy and without suffering by helping organizations of all sizes solve problems and deliver consistently amazing and delightful experiences”

Why Kizen?

Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous and never-ending improvement, is core to our DNA.

Our name stands as our commitment to you that we will always improve our platform, enabling your teams to do their best work.

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San Francisco

575 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

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401 Congress Ave
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300 South Orange Ave
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