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Supercharge collaboration, and drive sales from anywhere, on any device with a modern, intuitive tool your team will love using. With the Kizen CRM, it's easy to forecast sales, save time, and keep all of the most important priorities, prospects, deals, and customers automatically organized and accessible to everyone.

Kizen Marketing Cloud


Intelligently track every customer touchpoint.

Activities give companies an easy, customizable way to track all the most important work your team is doing. Instead of just 1 long “notes” field, Kizen allows you to customize each activity to streamline the work of the sales person and get better data. As your sales team goes through their day, they’re automatically enriching your customer database and enabling helpful insights.

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Activity Dashboard

Easily prioritize your day and week.

Ensure every member of your sales team knows exactly what to do each day with a customizable list of all scheduled and recommended touchpoints. Close more deals, maximize effectiveness, and give prospects and customers the amazing experiences they desire.

Scheduled Activities

Ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Team members can easily schedule reminders and future activities in 3 clicks. Activities can also be scheduled automatically through sales automations to ensure all team members are following up consistently. Scheduled activities will show up on the activity dashboard, and optionally can send email or text reminders.

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Autofill, Rules, & Dynamic Tag Fields Image

Autofill, Rules, & Dynamic Tag Fields

Features that save time and create better data.

With Kizen, team members never have to enter data twice. If a field is already filled out, the value will autofill on the activity and can easily be updated if needed. Rules can be used to show fields only when needed - streamlining the experience for the team. Dynamic Tag Fields allow the sales team to auto-complete common entries and is specifically designed to help companies extract more insights from their data.

Contacts & Companies

Unified views for every person and company you know.

Easily store everything important about the people and companies your team interacts with. Contact info automatically rolls-up to display on companies, while deals show up on relevant contacts and companies.

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Action Block

Take action easily.

The action block is designed to put the actions your sales team needs most front and center to maximize efficiency. Add notes, send texts and emails, log and schedule activities, and start automations with just a click.


See everything that’s happened at a glance.

The timeline stores the complete history of every contact, company, and deal. You can easily see all the activities, emails, texts, forms, web and app interactions, survey results, automations, payments and orders, ad clicks, events, and field updates in chronological order.

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Associations & Ownership

Make sure everyone gets credit.

With Kizen, we know that teamwork makes the dream work. That’s why instead of just doing ownership, we also do team member associations. Through this, you can easily see all of the people working with a specific contact, company, or deal. This info can also be used in automatic reminders or to trigger follow-up.

Unlimited Contact & Company Custom Fields

Easily store all relevant data.

Kizen comes out of the box with all the standard fields you’d expect. You can easily add an unlimited number of custom fields and organize them into the categories that make the most sense for your business. Kizen offers 11 primary custom field types: text, files (no max size), radio buttons, dropdown, date, long text, whole number, decimal number, price, email, checkbox, and 2 special field types: relationship fields and dynamic tag fields.

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Relationship Fields

Intelligently track every relationship.

Relationship fields allow you to track the relationships between Contacts or Companies and other Contacts or Companies that aren't in an employer/employee relationship. The relationship field type is best to be used when you need to filter by or capture specific relationships (i.e. attorney, fund manager, accountant, or franchises, referrer).

Unlimited Customizable Pipelines

Track all your deals.

Easily see the status of every deal with fully customizable deal pipelines. Get notified if deals get stuck in the process. Track win/loss rates, average time to close and time in stage, and intelligently forecast revenues. Build an unlimited number of Kizen pipelines customized to work exactly the way your team does with a simple visual interface.

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Everything for every deal in 1 place.

The deal timeline allows you to see all activity, correspondence, and interactions related to a deal. In addition, you can log activities, add notes, store any relevant data, see which team members are working on the deal, set likelihood to close percentage, and see which contacts and companies are involved. Deals allow for an unlimited number of custom fields so you can track all relevant data.

In-App Collaboration

Work seamlessly with team members.

In-app collaboration makes it easy to notify team members or ask a team member a question through any activity, comment, or note. This ensures all communication on every contact, company, and deal is automatically organized and stored inside Kizen where everyone can find it at any time.

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Lead Routing

Route leads intelligently.

Easily route leads to the appropriate person or team using any property of the deal, contact, or company. Route based on territory, industry, projected deal value, product interest, or a combination of attributes.

Lead Nurturing

Automatically warm-up leads and reactivate customers.

Leverage drip or nurture sequences that run during any stage of the sales journey. Sequences can trigger automatically or can be manually triggered by the sales team at the right time. Lead nurturing can be sent from the team member the contact is working with or a dedicated member of your team.

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Ensure Best Practices & SLA Compliance

Ensure prospects and customers always receive an amazing experience.

Build out standard operating procedures and automate the management of those using Kizen’s automated sales goals. With these goals in place, you can have Kizen check to ensure your sales people are following up properly, staying active, and making sure that no client falls through the cracks. Kizen can send reminders to your team, and notify management if action isn’t taken as required.

Hot Buyer Intent Notifications

Get notified when prospects are ready to buy.

Use Kizen’s robust interaction tracking on websites and emails to automatically notify sales people when their clients are engaging beyond a certain level. Let the system gauge intent and have your sales people step in to close the deal.

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Test your ideas to figure out what generates the most revenue.

Use Kizen to split your assignments, messaging, or even your operational workflows, to see which processes work best. Kizen can help you discover whether phone, email, text, or cross-channel follow-ups drive more revenues.

Advanced Permissions Engine

Ensure appropriate data access at all times.

Ensure that all team members have access to the appropriate data at all times with Kizen’s advanced permission engine. Control view and edit access for each aspect of Kizen (i.e. dashboards, contacts, fields, activities, automations, teamplates) by role or on an individual user basis.

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Google & Microsoft 2-Way Email Sync Image

Google & Microsoft 2-Way Email Sync

Automatically sync emails.

Kizen's contact, company, and deal records automatically sync with Google and Microsoft email accounts so the entire email history is shown on the timeline. In addition, any emails sent through the action block sync back to your email outbox. Additionally, Kizen has advanced privacy settings if you’d like to prevent certain emails from being synced.

Easy Website Integration

Capture leads from your website.

Easily integrate beautiful, high-converting lead capture forms perfectly into any website and notify the appropriate member of your sales team of the new lead.

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Calendar & Appointments

Sync your calendar and appointments.

Make it easy for contacts to schedule directly on your calendar with Kizen and Calendly. Ensure they’re only seeing times that you’re available. Follow-up automatically with Kizen until the appointment is scheduled, or trigger specific follow-up or workflows after the appointment.

All Your Favorite Tools

Connect all the tools you love.

Kizen is integrated with over 1,000 additional tools so you can connect and leverage your data from everywhere. This also allows you to add to Kizen’s native functionality with contract apps, invoicing tools, and more.

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Connect API

Automatically sync everything.

Kizen's Connect API makes it easy to connect with any custom tools or databases your team has built.

Custom Objects

Track what matters most to you.

Many businesses have unique objects they need to track (i.e. user accounts, apartments or offices, equipment, etc.). Custom objects allow you to build out any object and track the relationship between these objects and your contacts, companies, deals, and other objects.

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