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Close More Deals, Faster

Meet the Next-Gen Kizen Sales Cloud

Kizen’s Sales Cloud makes it easy to forecast your future, save time, and keep all of the most important priorities, prospects, deals, and customers automatically organized and accessible. Our ultra-collaborative tool helps you drive more sales from any device with a modern, intuitive interface that your teams will love using.

Kizen Sales Cloud


Kizen Sales Activities

Kizen allows you to customize each activity to streamline the work of the salesperson and get better data. As your sales team goes through their day, they’re automatically enriching your customer database and enabling helpful insights.

Kizen Track New Leads

Ensure every member of your sales team knows exactly what to do each day with a customizable list of all scheduled and recommended touchpoints.

Kizen Activity Scheduling

Team members can easily schedule reminders and future activities in 3 clicks.

Kizen Activity Logic

If a field is already filled out, the value will autofill on the activity and can easily be updated. Rules can be used to show fields only when needed. Dynamic Tag Fields allow the sales team to auto-complete common entries and is specifically designed to help companies extract more insights from their data.

Kizen Interaction Tracking

Easily store everything important about the people and companies your team interacts with.

Kizen Text Marketing

The action block is designed to put the actions your sales team needs most front and center to maximize efficiency.

Kizen Interaction Tracking

The timeline stores the complete history of every contact, company, and deal.

Kizen Team Member Roles

Team member associations allow you to easily see all of the people working with a specific contact, company, or deal. This info can also be used in automatic reminders or to trigger follow-up.

Kizen Customizable Fields

You can easily add an unlimited number of custom fields and organize them into the categories that make the most sense for your business.

Kizen Custom Objects

Relationship fields allow you to track the relationships between contacts or companies and other contacts or companies that aren't in an employer/employee relationship.

Kizen Pipelines

Easily see the status of every deal with fully customizable deal pipelines. Get notified if deals get stuck in the process. Track win/loss rates, average time to close and time in stage, and intelligently forecast revenues.

Kizen Sales Pipelines

The deal timeline allows you to see all activity, correspondence, and interactions related to a deal.

Track Every Sale

Centralize all your contact data, and intelligently log, track, and schedule all the interactions you have had with your prospects and customers. With Kizen, you’ll know the status of every deal and the overall health of your entire pipeline.


Leverage real-time, comprehensive activity reporting.

Contacts & Companies

Store all information about a customer, company, and deal in a single profile.


Easily see the status of every deal with fully customizable deal pipelines. Track win/loss rates and easily forecast revenue.


Kizen Automation Engine

Easily route leads to the appropriate person or team using any property of the deal, contact, or company. Route based on territory, industry, projected deal value, product interest, or a combination of attributes.

Kizen Sales Automation

Leverage drip or nurture sequences that run during any stage of the sales journey. Sequences can trigger automatically or can be manually triggered by the sales team at the right time.

Kizen Sales Automation

Build out standard operating procedures and automate the management of those using Kizen’s automated sales goals.

Kizen Sales Automation

Use Kizen’s robust interaction tracking on websites and emails to automatically notify sales people when their clients are engaging beyond a certain level. Let the system gauge intent and have your sales people step in to close the deal.

Kizen Sales Automation

Use Kizen to split your assignments, messaging, or even your operational workflows, to see which processes work best.

Sales Automation

Save time, ensure amazing experiences, and focus on the highest-value activities.

Lead Routing

Ensure the right specialists are handling the right opportunities.


A/B test your customer journeys to always ensure conversion.

Kizen Zoe Assistant Sales

Let Zoe handle lead routing, lead nurturing, scheduling, proposal and contract generation, and more.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Zoe can automatically create a holistic profile and source the most important data on all contacts and companies in seconds.

Kizen Zoe Intelligence

Zoe can give your sales team recommendations to help maximize the likelihood of closing each deal and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Kizen Zoe Assistant Sales

Intelligent Prospect Targeting helps companies prioritize potential customers to maximize the ROI of business development and sales teams.

Kizen Zoe Assistant Sales

To develop scores, Zoe compares each inbound lead’s attributes and engagements to past buyer data.

Kizen Zoe Assistant Sales

Zoe creates forecasts for each deal based on historical data and real-time engagement data.

Zoe Assistant BETA

With Zoe Assistant to consult you, everything is faster, better, and easier. Sales teams are using Zoe’s intelligent automations to save time, focus on the right deals, and find better prospects. Work with our machine-learning team to develop even more automatic routines for your business.


Kizen Team Tracking

See exactly how much activity your team is doing.

Kizen Customer Sentiment Tracking

See how your team’s activity is trending.

Kizen Forecasts

See how much you’re set to close every month.

Kizen Sales Analytics

Easily see exactly where you stand at all times with a Sales Pipeline Breakdown that shows the number and total amount of deals in every stage of the pipeline.

Kizen Sales Analytics

Our Opportunity Conversion dashlet helps you understand how far deals are progressing and how long customers spend in each stage.

Kizen Sales Analytics

Easily visualize the trends of each stage in your sales funnel.

Kizen Sales Analytics

With Zoe integration, discover trends and patterns in your data, get suggested follow-ups, and determine the likelihood to close intelligently based on past data.

Sales Analytics

Kizen delivers accurate, real-time analytics to help your sales team understand what’s working so that they can forecast accurately and know how to close more deals. Ensure your team and management have real-time, accurate answers to your most important questions.


Strong sales reporting helps your teams work smarter.


Real-time data allows for better planning and more qualified leads and opportunities in the future.


Kizen Permissions

Ensure appropriate data access at all times.


Ensure all team members have access to the appropriate data at all times with Kizen’s advanced permission engine. Control viewing access and edit each aspect of Kizen (dashboards, contacts, fields, activities, automations, templates) by role or on an individual-user basis.

Kizen In-App Team Collaboration

Work seamlessly with your team members.

In-App Collaboration

In-app collaboration makes it easy to notify team members or ask questions throughout any activity, comment, or note. This ensures communication on every contact, company, and customer is automatically organized and stored inside Kizen where everyone can access it.

Data Cloud

Kizen’s Data Cloud provides a single source of truth for every customer by connecting data from every tool, team, and interaction in real-time. An easy set-up process and no coding interface means both your customer-facing teams and your tech-savvy departments will love using it together.