Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals

Kizen gives sales teams the tools they need to win and save time at every stage of the sales process.

Smart Lead Routing

Intelligently route leads from your website, marketing or development team.

Lead Scoring* BETA

Utilize rules-based or AI-based lead scoring to focus on the deals that will drive the most revenue.

Contact Uploader

Take a picture of a business card, or upload the list from your latest event.

Web-To-Lead Forms

Capture leads from any website into Kizen and start the sales journey automatically.

Deal Pipelines

Easily track what’s happened, what’s happening, and what will happen on every deal.

Deal Timelines

See every email, activity, note, website visit, and data point in one place.


Log, assign, schedule, and track team member tasks.

Automatic Sync

Team members on Kizen never have to enter anything twice and can easily access up-to-date data at all times.

Sales Automation

Leverage automation to schedule meetings, qualify leads, and ensure perfect, personalized follow up.

Nurture Sequences

Automate follow-up and nurturing with personalized drip campaigns.

Better Email

Two-Way Email Sync & Email Templates streamline daily workflow. Plus see every time an email is opened.

Social Collaboration

Collaborate easily and efficiently on any prospect, customer, or deal.


Easily schedule reminders for yourself or for other team members to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.


Quickly configure and send beautiful, accurate quotes for products and advanced subscriptions.


Easily build invoices or convert a quote to invoice once an order has been agreed upon.

Contracts BETA

Handle any necessary customer agreements to streamline the purchasing process.


Process Credit Card or ACH transactions through Kizen. Securely store payment info for recurring transactions.

Sales Insights

Uncover the trends behind what works best and easily see every team members activities and results.

Goals & Forecasts

Accurately forecast revenues and track team member performance towards goals and quotas.


Get recommendations from Zoe, Kizen’s AI, when she notices an action or pattern your team should consider.

Get Started In Minutes Not Months

1. Kizen is so intuitive and easy to use your team already knows how to use it. Users switching to Kizen typically save 5-15 hours per week.

2. Kizen is incredibly easy to setup and customize to your business without ever writing a line of code. Our world-class customer success team and partners are available to make deployment fast and easy.

3. With the Connect API, Kizen can easily connect to any custom applications or software your team currently uses.