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CIO & IT Manager
Kizen security permissions and compliance

Data Compliance

Take your role-based permissions to the next level with Kizen’s Organizational Permissions Engine. Ensure data integrity by setting functional permissions for each role in your business.

Ensure GDPR, CCPA, SOC1 Type II, SOC2 Type II, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield compliance.

Kizen CIO Manager Role Permissions

Team Members Stay Secure

With straightforward authentication features, quickly manage team member access in minutes. Control your team members login and access capabilities with ease.

Kizen CIO Team Member Roles

Data Sharing Capabilities

Kizen’s Lateral Data Sharing AI determines when to share associated records with the owner of a single record. With Kizen’s “Team Member Associations” button on every object record, easily share your private record laterally.

Kizen Security Backups

Automatic Security Scans

Vulnerability scans are automatically conducted at specified intervals to simulate attempted security breaches, and any non-negative result is sent with full logs for review. Kizen’s automated monitoring systems run 24/7 for each feature: Every view, login, interaction, and action is fully recorded and evaluated for any anomalies. Regular encrypted (256-bit TLS encryption) database backups are used to rollback changes if an error occurs during the course of an update or new version release.

Kizen guarantees a system uptime of 99%.

Kizen Data Standards

Kizen’s Data Standards

Utilizing the AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Kizen ensures smooth deployments that scale with your business needs. This provides automated capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and application monitoring to handle load peaks. Scale up or down without any downtime.

All customer data is stored within a fault-tolerant and self-healing Amazon Aurora database. Six copies of your data are replicated across three data centers, which means no data loss and only brief service interruption for you. As an added bonus, databases are continuously backed up to Amazon S3, guaranteeing durability.

Kizen is Super East, Fast, and Smart

Intuitive User Friendliness

Quickly setup and manage your business settings with a centralized settings section. With Kizen’s no-code interfaces, teams can strategize and deploy marketing, sales, service, and cross-team workflows and automations in minutes. These easy-to-build automations and workflows make team member experiences simple and efficient.

Complete setup in 80% less time and ensure ongoing administration runs smoothly.

Kizen Behavioral Tracking

Custom Fields And Objects For Your Teams

Kizen’s no-coding data architecture and unlimited custom fields and objects allows your team to envision and execute plans efficiently.

Ensure that each object, record, and field has the appropriate level of visibility within your organization for each individual and role.

Kizen Data Exports

Data Retention And Recovery

At Kizen, we believe that your data is solely owned by you. If you don’t enjoy using Kizen and wish to no longer use our service, data is purged from our database within 10 business days. At any time throughout this contract term, you have the option to export your data from Kizen into CSV files.