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Let Kizen Drive Growth, Happiness, & Productivity With Technology Your Teams And Customers Will Love

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Kizen Helps All Your Teams Across The Entire Customer Journey

Kizen Unifies Your Data

Unify All Data

Make your data a competitive advantage. Kizen easily integrates your lead source, opportunity, sales, marketing, support, purchase, and customer experience data together. Easily enrich with third-party integrations to enable next-gen insights and experiences.

Increase Revenue and Profits

Increase Revenues And Profitability

Meet and exceed your numbers with increased performance from every team. Remove organizational and data-based silos and create true organizational alignment that has all members of the team rallying around a common set of goals, and maximizing their impact.

Kizen Accurate Real-Time Dashboards

Create Accurate, Unified, Real-Time Dashboards

Unify the entire company around a single set of accurate metrics that all your departments can depend on by integrating all your raw data into a unified, real-time dashboard. Ensure every team accurately understands their impact on the bottom line.

Kizen Forecasts

Get Accurate Projections And Forecasts

Project your future confidently. Kizen’s revenue forecasting dashlets accurately predict the future and bring insight to your processes so that you can start planning smarter. Turn complex raw data into intuitive, integrated visuals for easy analysis. Measure the revenue impact of each team.

Kizen Channel Attribution

Better Understand Your Business & Customers

Get answers to your key questions. Understand what products are selling best, what channels are working best, which team members are performing best, which customers are happiest and most profitable, and how your investments are paying off.

Personalize Your Business

Personalize Everything

With Kizen’s personalization platform, everyone wins. Customers receive more personalized, valuable experiences; teams save time and increase productivity; managers make better decisions, decreasing CAC, increasing LTV, and making customers happier; and companies grow higher profits, revenues, and make a bigger impact.

Kizen is Launched Faster Than Competitors

Complete Initiatives Faster

Turn ideas into reality at lightning speed. Let Kizen’s easy-to-use, no-coding interfaces power your agile marketing, sales, and experience teams. Unburden IT by enabling business users to deploy, manage, and optimize campaigns themselves.

Kizen Saves Team’s Time

Save 5-15 Hours Per Week Per Team Member With Smart Automations

Kizen’s powerful and intelligent automation platform handles time-consuming, low-value tasks like scheduling, follow-up, and data syncs, so teams can focus on high-value work.

Kizen Happy Teams

Deliver Tech Your Team Will Love

Your teams will love using Kizen and thank you for purchasing a technology that solves all of their biggest challenges and helps them do a better job. Teams who use Kizen are happier and get their jobs done faster, leading to more referrals to colleagues, less turnover among employees, and a better overall work culture.

Kizen is Fast to Deploy

5x Faster To Deploy And 80% Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Compared to other solutions, Kizen’s unified platform is cost-effective and can be deployed in minutes (not months!), saving companies approximately 80% in total cost of ownership each year.

Kizen Security Compliance

Security And Compliance

Control access to certain data and limit user permissions. Ensure all teams have access to the information they need while keeping all sensitive data protected. Kizen is GDPR, CCPA, SOC2 Type 1, PCI, Cloud Security Alliance, HIPAA, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield compliant.