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Empower Your Sales Teams To Sell Smarter & Drive More Revenues

Ready to close more deals, faster?

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Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Complete All Operations & Setup In 80% Less Time

Kizen’s intuitive, no-coding interfaces and templates are incredibly easy to use. Absolutely no coding is required even when building complex automations, workflows, or data filters. Complete your setup in 80% less time than legacy providers. Ensure that your sales team is able to find all the data they need quickly and easily.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Build Next-Gen Business Intelligence Dashboards

Leverage strong sales reporting and forecasting tools to help your team do their best and work smarter. Kizen’s dashboards will illuminate how active your team is, how likely your team is to meet their goals, how well your reps are meeting those goals, and what your sales managers can do to drive more revenues.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Setup Activity Reporting In Moments

Active reps are generally more engaged and effective. Leverage real-time Activity Reporting to ensure that your reps are sticking to the best practices and SOPs defined by you and your company. Kizen offers activity reports to ensure absolute transparency around sales team activity.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Ensure Compliance With Process & Data Security

Control access to specific types of data and limit user permissions. Ensure all teams have access to the information they need while keeping all sensitive data protected. Kizen is GDPR, CCPA, SOC2 Type 1, PCI, Cloud Security Alliance, HIPAA, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield compliant.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Setup Intelligent Lead Scoring & Buyer Intent Alerts

Easily track and score buyer intent and alert your sales people if it’s time to close the deal. Set-up incredibly granular behavioral tracking, scoring systems, and leverage your data to help sales managers achieve their goals.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Setup Powerful Automations Without Coding

Leverage Kizen’s intelligent automations engine to help your team manage their day, save time, and close more deals. Work with your sales management team to determine standard operating procedures and then put in place the systems that will make it come to life.

Utilize Kizen to personalize and deliver your sales team’s post-meeting, rescheduling, proposal, or even cold-call follow-ups. Trigger personalized content sequences with one-click to keep your team empowered and always closing, even while they sleep.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Keep All Data In Sync With Ease

Store all information about a customer, company, deal, or a custom object in a unified profile. Easily customize and build on it by adding custom fields for files, tags, dates, numbers, selections, and more. Quickly deploy automations to update fields in real-time as situations change.

Capture every website, app, text, social, and email interaction to better understand the customer's unique interests. See historical interactions, communications, purchases, forms, and more in a single timeline.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Customize Activities & Pipelines To Your Exact Processes

Provide an interface that will help your team manage and see the status of every deal with fully customizable pipelines. Create automations to ensure that deals never fall through the cracks.

Ensure your sales management team gets notified if deals get stuck in the process or if one of their big deals turns hot. Provide filters to help your team view aspects of their pipeline for any data-set.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Empower Your Team On-The-Go

Take your team’s capabilities on the run. With Kizen’s mobile responsive interfaces, your team will be able to crush their goals from any device while leveraging next-level, personalized email and text capabilities.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Drive Adoption With Incredibly Easy-To-Use Systems

With an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn system, your reps will adopt, enjoy, and perform better each and every day. Give your reps a system that will help them invest their efforts only in effective, revenue-generating tasks. With Kizen, avoid wasting hours of your reps’ time each day with one-click automations and integrations.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Leverage Powerful Integrations & Easy API

Easily deploy third-party integrations with Kizen’s Connect API and powerful Zapier and Workato apps. Leverage these integrations to generate, manage, and deliver assets, help your team automate scheduling, or even revolutionize their workflows with the click of a button.

Kizen Sales Operations Solutions

Have Access To Experts Who Can Help

Don’t slow down your sales ops because of a lack of understanding. Utilize Kizen’s in-house, world-class support and customer success team for technical and strategic guidance. Kizen never outsources their expertise, so your questions will always have clear answers from highly-trained subject matter experts.