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Close More Revenues & Deals In Less Time With Kizen

Ready to close more deals, faster?

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Kizen Works The Way You Do

Enjoy A Platform That Works The Way You Do

Enjoy a sales CRM that actually saves time and speeds up your sales process. Utilize Kizen each day and enjoy a single, unified, and intuitive interface where the tedious tasks are automated.

Kizen Automate Your Day

Know Exactly What To Do Each Day To Maximize Sales

Leverage Kizen’s intelligent automations to help you manage your day. Has it been 5 days since you reached out to a hot lead? Let Kizen schedule that outbound call for you and notify you automatically. Forget to log your meeting from earlier in the day? Kizen will keep you on the ball and remind you.

Leads and prospects from online and offline sources can be intelligently qualified and put on your schedule. Walk in each day with new, conversation-ready opportunities on your calendar, ready-to-go.

Kizen Lead Scoring

Focus On The Hottest Leads With Lead Scoring

Get notified when prospects are ready to buy. Use Kizen’s robust interaction tracking on websites and emails to automatically notify sales people when their clients are engaging. The system will track and score buyer intent and alert your sales people if it’s time to close the deal.

Kizen Team Collaboration

See And Collaborate On Your Pipeline In Real-Time

It’s important to have access to your pipeline from anywhere. Collaborate with your opportunity teams in-app or through any channel. Crush your goals from your iPad or even your mobile phone. Integrate all your collaboration apps, including Zoom and Slack to ensure you are able to meet or collaborate with team members or opportunities in an efficient and effective manner.

Kizen Accurate Forecasts

Accurately Forecast Your Month, Quarter, And Year

Leverage strong sales reporting and forecasting tools to help you work smarter. Kizen’s reports and dashboard illuminate how active you are, how likely you are to meet your goals, how well your reps are meeting those goals, and what you can do as a sales rep to drive more success.

Kizen Team Member Activities

Get Credit For All Your Activities

An active sales rep is a productive sales rep. Kizen automatically generates dashlets and reports on any individual or team for any specific time range and for any group of contacts or customers. This means you can stop manually building your own activity reports.

Kizen Smart Automations

Save Time With Smart, Powerful Automations

Take your communication to the next level with Kizen’s powerful and personalized email and text capabilities. Utilize Kizen to personalize and deliver your post-meeting, rescheduling, or even cold-calling follow-ups. Trigger personalized content sequences with one-click to help you close deals 24/7.

Kizen Streamlines Your Processes

Streamline And Sell More

Stop wasting hours each week manually generating proposals, contracts, and hand-off reports. Kizen’s intelligent data platform will take all of your opportunity data and automatically generate, manage, and deliver these assets with the click of a button.

Kizen Segmentation and Filtering

Segment And Filter Opportunities

Ensure you are able to understand which segments of your opportunities are ripe for communication. Kizen’s robust filtering capability makes it easy to know who’s who and to communicate in a personalized manner with all of your opportunities.

Kizen Pipelines

See A 360-Degree View Of Each Prospect And Opportunity

Easily manage and see the status of every deal with fully customizable and automated deal pipelines. Get notified if deals get stuck in the process or if one of your deals turns hot. View your entire pipeline in aggregate, a filtered pipeline for any opportunity or group opportunities, or even drill down into each deal individually to see every detail needed.

Kizen Data Sync

Intelligent Data Sync Ensures You Never Input Data Twice

Access the complete history of every contact, company, deal, or associated deals, directly on the timeline of each associated object. You can easily see all the activities, messages, interactions, and touchpoints as Kizen recognizes and syncs all applicable data for each and every deal.

Take advantage of Kizen’s filtering capabilities to find the reference data you need on-the-fly. Use Kizen’s collaboration capabilities to create cross-team chatter for any item, directly on the timeline.

Kizen Happy Teams

Be Up And Running In Moments

With the help of your sales manager, you will be able to master the Kizen platform in minutes. Kizen’s interface is so intuitive and our workflows are so streamlined, you'll be able to focus on what you do best: Selling more!