Brains of the Operation

Clinical Researchers Change Minds, Literally, with Kizen.


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A leading clinical research institute is dedicated to providing neurological care and advancing the treatment of neurological diseases. With a limited staff, they rely on Kizen to streamline patient placement and tracking protocols for clinical studies involving the memory impaired.

“Kizen is a game-changer. It frees our coordinators from sourcing participants to serving patients. Kizen has truly fast-tracked our ability to bring life-changing treatments to those who need them most.”

- Senior Director & Attending Neurologist, Kizen Client

Lead Management

Committing it all to memory.

Participant leads are captured from all sources in Kizen, records initial vetting criteria, and notifies the appropriate coordinator when a potentially qualified candidate is identified so the patient can be further qualified in person.

Patient Qualification

Kizen never forgets.

Gathering qualification info for memory loss studies can present a challenge, as scheduled calls are forgotten and details are incomplete. Kizen automates the qualification process, scheduling call cadences and appointments so nothing gets missed. Customizable dashboards allow coordinators and research leads to visualize and track trial enrollment in real time.

Patient Tracking and Referrals

Achieving every treatment milestone.

Kizen captures and shares research data and participant status throughout the clinical trial, prompting patients and coordinators with appointment reminders to keep things on track. Should deadlines be missed, escalation alerts to research leads can be triggered based on pre-set time frames to ensure all trial milestones are achieved.


Best-practice patient protocols lead to better trial outcomes:

100% of trial leads are captured for intake

Kizen projections inform critical financial decisions

Kizen offloads 40% of admin work across all departments

How to Buy

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