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Transportation Broker Fuels Faster Growth with Kizen.


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A national freight and logistics broker needed a better way to track and achieve its aggressive sales goals. They use Kizen to support new account development, increase load volume with existing clients, and reduce drop-off of first-time customers.



Group-Owned Assets




“I wanted a system that was simple enough people would actually use and would support our company’s growth. With Kizen, it’s seamless to deliver data, build automations, and keep prospects in the pipeline. We immediately started seeing benefits.”

- CEO, Kizen Client

Broker Adoption

Tools they love to use.

Brokers found their old CRM “cumbersome and painful to maintain and use,” so they largely didn’t. Opportunities weren’t tracked and sales activities fell through the cracks. Brokers love Kizen’s easy-to-use modern interface and drag-and-drop ease. Kizen gives valuable time back to sales by automating workflows and handling the busy work.

Customer Acquisition

Best practice execution every time.

Before Kizen, valuable prospecting activities were often missed and customer conversion hovered around 5%. Kizen acts as a personal sales assistant for each broker, pre-scheduling activities based on customer interactions, sending out daily sales activity reminder emails, and following up so nothing gets dropped.

Client Retention

Driving long-term relationships.

Kizen gives the company the insights they need to better understand their customers' experiences with carriers so they can convert more first time customers into repeat business. Thanks to Kizen's next-level intel, the company is well on its way towards achieving its 53% revenue growth goal this year.


Driving improved outcomes with Kizen’s sales & operations support:

Double-digit increase in broker adoption

Conversions have increased with Kizen

Real-time insights reduce customer churn

How to Buy

Kizen is the fastest-deploying, most cost-effective enterprise sales acceleration platform on the planet.