All in a Good Day’s Work

Kizen works wonders for coworking space.

Werqwise is a modern membership-based coworking space for businesses on the West Coast. Kizen automates their end-to-end member experience, giving their employees more time to spend on delivering superior service and accelerating profitable growth.

“We went from using multiple systems with disorganized client data to a streamlined workflow. Now we let Kizen worry about the small stuff so we can focus on growing sales.”

- Ali Elyassi, VP of Sales at Werqwise

Sales Optimization

Ensure best practices every time.

Kizen connects all sales apps, eliminating duplicative data entry, and automates mundane tasks, sending reminders to help keep sales on track, ensuring deals never fall through the cracks.

Customer Experience

Automation reduces churn.

Before Kizen, onboarding was manual and inconsistent. Tasks were forgotten, causing renewal rates to be lower than desired. Now, all aspects of the customer journey are managed from coordinating initial set-up to pre-scheduling lease renewal appointments.

Business Insights

Reports you can actually use.

Say goodbye to spending days compiling reports from disorganized and unusable data across multiple platforms, only to find the insights stale and no longer actionable. Kizen provides real-time dashboards, pipeline metrics and activity reports to help sales and experience leaders better understand performance and optimize growth.


Operational efficiencies power new growth:

Kizen gives reps 10+ hours back each week to sell

Kizen projections inform critical financial decisions

Kizen offloads 40% of admin work across departments

How to Buy

Kizen is the fastest-deploying, most cost-effective enterprise sales acceleration platform on the planet.