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Kizen Raises $12 Million for First Enterprise-Grade, No-Code CRM & Operations Platform

With completely customizable CRM and Operations software, Austin-based startup aims to unleash faster growth and higher profits for businesses of all sizes



Austin, TX – Kizen, an enterprise business platform facilitating collaboration, intelligent automation, and personalized insights, today announced the closing of a $12 million seed round. 

Kizen is the first no-code, enterprise-grade platform designed to accelerate growth and workflow automation for businesses of all sizes. Kizen’s speed to value design and unified data model allows companies to efficiently implement and rapidly tailor workflows from sales to operations to customer support. 

“Kizen’s no-code customization quickly deploys software tailored to your exact business processes at a fraction of the cost and time of legacy tech platforms. For the overwhelming majority of CRM and Operations use cases, Kizen can do everything legacy providers offer at 10x the speed and 10% of the cost,” said Kizen CEO John Winner. “With Kizen, companies can quickly customize enterprise workflows, easily leverage intelligent automation, generate personalized insights across the enterprise, and collaborate better than ever before.”

In an era of overloaded IT backlogs, there aren’t enough software engineers in the world to code software customized to everyone’s workflows. No-code platforms like Kizen overcome that hurdle, unlocking massive productivity gains and business value. Only 7% of companies can afford the time and cost of legacy tech platform customization. Kizen is uniquely no-code and enterprise-grade, delivering businesses of every size the platform advantages previously possible for only the largest companies. 

Kizen currently offers two products that can be deployed on-premise or through the cloud, and they integrate seamlessly. 

The Kizen Sales CRM helps accelerate the sales process and ensures enterprise alignment from deal identification to close to post-sales support. Kizen Sales CRM automates up to 10 hours’ worth of non-selling activities a week, giving salespeople more time to focus on high-value tasks to fuel business growth and profitability. 

The Kizen Operations Cloud unifies enterprise data and allows operations teams to quickly build hyper-customized workflows without coding. The Operations Cloud allows teams to build and automate any process with intuitive drag-and-drop simplicity, streamlining requests, feedback, compliance, and more with enterprise-level governance. 

Founded in 2018 and launched in September 2021, the company has sold more than 400,000 user licenses. The company boasts proven functionality at one of the largest banks in the world, as well as with dozens of mid-market customers. 

In addition to expanded marketing and sales campaigns, the seed funding will support soon-to-be-released marketing and business intelligence modules, including easy-to-apply machine learning tools and real-time insights derived from integrated data. Together, these Kizen tools will offer businesses of all sizes a practical path to functioning AI across an integrated enterprise.

The capital raise was funded entirely by private investors, including several former C-level executives from Dell, Whole Foods, AT&T, Accenture, and Citibank who had witnessed the challenges and growth-inhibiting effects of legacy business platforms. 

About Kizen

Kizen helps sales, marketing, and operations teams drive higher productivity, revenues, and profitability. Kizen’s no-code, enterprise-grade platform makes it easy and affordable for any company to integrate all their data, leverage intelligent automation, generate actionable insights, and collaborate better. By unburdening teams of complicated systems and dependency on programmers, Kizen transforms how work gets done to unlock greater speed and value across every business.

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