No Technology Delivers Marketing Agility Better Than Symphony

Kizen’s automation & personalization engine is the “Swiss Army Knife” for enterprise marketers who want to move faster.

Harness the Full Power of AI

Make every campaign you launch smarter than the last.

Kizen’s predictive modeling and generative AI combine for industry-leading campaign automation and self-learning.

Speak 1:1 while deploying 1:1000.

Incorporating data from all departments enhances experiences across the full customer lifecycle. Never disrupt a customer journey by triggering irrelevant automation again.

Allocate budget more accurately than ever: advanced multi-touch attribution.

Kizen’s technology was built during the shift from 3rd-party (3P) to 1st-party (1P) tracking, making our attribution modeling among the most modern and capable in the world.

Inform marketing strategy & empower AI with historical data from all departments.

Our unique data architecture allows Kizen to factor in sales history, support data, and more when helping to optimize, personalize, and deploy individualized marketing experiences.

Startup Speed forEnterprise Marketers

Agile-inspired drag & drop content builders for EVERY marketing task.

Empower any team member to design web content & emails, perform advanced data analysis, build forms, create or modify data models, and more without adding to IT’s backlog.

Flexible software that perfectly matches your strategy & workflows.

Never sacrifice campaign performance due to software limitations again. Use the drag & drop builders mentioned above to perfectly match your enterprise’s strategy, vision, and processes.

Universal, instant access to powerful insights that previously required IT requests.

Quickly segment audiences and identify hidden opportunities using advanced data queries, attribution modeling, and cohort analyses without being subject to IT’s availability.

Go from insight to campaign deployment in minutes - not months.

Using every feature described above, teams can transform morning insights into afternoon campaigns thanks to our ease of use, flexible infrastructure, and visual interface.

Surpass All HistoricalMarketing KPIs

Slash your customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Personalizing your highest-value prospect’s journeys is easier than ever with Kizen's predictive modeling and generative AI, drastically reducing your customer acquisition cost.

Increase customer lifetime value (LTV) effortlessly.

Let Kizen's personalization technology assist you in deepening customer relationships using content suggestions curated for each individual, helpful tips, and timely check-ins.

Multichannel campaign optimization has never been easier.

Maximize your marketing budget by pinpointing the most profitable channels and optimizing ad spend with Kizen's advanced analytics, next-gen automation, and AI assistance.

See clearly, iterate quickly, and yield compounding ROI from marketing investments.

Kizen’s software doesn’t “call it a day” after delivering significant initial value. It keeps learning, testing, and optimizing over the life of your account. The more you use it, the more it helps.

All Features


Expand for All Compliance Features

GDPR Compliance

Ensures all data processing and marketing activities are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU.

HIPAA Compliance

Adheres to standards for protecting sensitive patient data as per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

ISO 9001 Compliance

Conforms to the international standard dedicated to a Quality Management System (QMS).

SOC 2 Compliance

Meets the criteria for managing customer data based on five "trust service principles"—security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Content and Promotion

Expand for All Content and Promotion Features

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Enables personalized marketing for individual client accounts.

Brand Mention Tracking

Monitors and tracks all instances of brand mentions across various channels.

Content Personalization

Tailors content to individual users based on collected data and user behavior.

Influencer Marketing Management

Manages and coordinates marketing efforts with influential personalities in relevant industries.

Multichannel Marketing

Coordinates marketing messages across multiple distribution channels.

Personalized Content Curation

Provides tailored content suggestions based on a user's past behavior and preferences.

Personalized Video Marketing

Delivers custom video content to users based on individual preferences and behavior.

PPC Campaign Planning & Management

Allows for the planning, execution, and tracking of pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

SEO Campaign Planning & Management

Facilitates the planning, execution, and monitoring of search engine optimization efforts.

Social Listening

Monitors social media channels for mentions and conversations related to the brand.

Social Media Integration

Integrates marketing efforts with social media platforms.

User-Generated Content Collection

Collects and leverages content created by users or customers.

Customization and Record Management

Expand for All Customization and Record Management Features

20 Field Types

Provides 20 different types of fields for data entry and customization.

Activity Reminders

Sends reminders for scheduled activities or tasks.

Auto-Complete Activities

Automatically completes certain tasks based on predefined rules.

Custom Activities

Allows for the creation and management of custom activities tailored to specific business needs.

Custom Dashboards

Lets users create and customize their own dashboards for data visualization.

Custom Fields

Enables users to create custom data fields for more accurate data categorization.

Custom Lead Sources

Enables identification and tracking of custom lead sources.

Custom Objects

Lets users create and manage custom data objects.

Custom Records View

Allows customization of the view or display of data records.

Custom Activities

Allows for the creation and management of custom activities tailored to specific business needs.

Drag-and-Drop Form & Page Builders

Facilitates the creation of forms and pages with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Dynamic Content Blocks

Allows the insertion of content that changes based on predefined rules and user behavior.

Dynamic Text

Enables text content that changes based on predefined rules and user behavior.

Embeddable Forms

Provides forms that can be embedded in websites or other online platforms.

File Fields

Allows the upload and management of files.

Fully Customizable Activities

Enables full customization of activities based on specific business needs.

Fully Customizable Records

Allows full customization of data records.

Hosted Forms

Provides forms that are hosted on the platform and can be shared via link.

Intelligent Submission Routing

Automatically routes form submissions to the appropriate personnel or department.

Multiple Subscription Lists

Manages multiple lists of subscribers for different types of content.

Overdue Activity Trigger

Sends notifications when scheduled activities are not completed on time.

Role-Based Assignment

Assigns tasks and responsibilities based on user roles.

Schedule Activities

Allows for the scheduling of tasks and activities.

Customer Relationship Management and Segmentation

Expand for All Customer Relationship Management and Segmentation Features

360-Degree Profiles

Provides comprehensive customer profiles using data from multiple sources.

Activity Timeline

Shows a chronological record of customer activities and interactions.

Behavioral Segmentation

Segments customers based on behavior patterns and interactions with the business.

Campaign Pipeline View

Visualizes the progression of campaigns and their stages.

Contact Database Management

Manages and organizes a database of customer contacts.

CRM Integration

Integrates with customer relationship management systems to synchronize customer data.

Custom Lead Sources

Allows for the identification and tracking of custom lead sources.

Demographic Segmentation

Segments customers based on demographic information such as age, gender, and location.

Device-Based Segmentation

Segments customers based on the devices they use to interact with the business.

Drag-and-Drop Survey Builder

Facilitates easy creation of surveys with a drag-and-drop interface.

Interactive Table View

Displays data in an interactive table format.

Lead Routing

Directs inbound leads to the appropriate sales representative or team.

Lead Source Attribution

Identifies the source of leads for tracking and analysis.

Survey Request Email Campaigns

Enables sending of survey requests through email campaigns.

Team Member Association

Allows for the association of team members with specific tasks, projects, or customers.

Tag Collaborators

Enables tagging of team members in tasks or discussions.

Timeline Roll-Up

Aggregates timeline data for easy viewing and analysis.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Expand for All Data Analysis and Reporting Features

Account-Based Reporting

Provides reports based on individual client accounts.

Advanced Segmentation

Uses sophisticated methods to segment customers for more personalized marketing.

Analytics and Insights

Provides insights and analysis based on collected data.

Campaign Performance Reporting

Generates reports on the performance of marketing campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Uses data analysis to improve the conversion rates of marketing efforts.

Customer Churn Predictive Analytics

Uses data analysis to predict customer churn.

Customer Retention Analytics

Analyzes customer data to provide insights into customer retention.

Customer Satisfaction Tracking

Tracks and measures customer satisfaction.

Data Visualization

Presents data in a visual format for easy interpretation.

Dashlet Filters

Allows for filtering of information displayed on the dashboard.

Dynamic Groups

Allows for the creation of groups that automatically update based on predefined rules.


Uses historical data to predict future trends and outcomes.

Goal Tracking

Tracks progress towards predefined goals.

Google Ad Tracking

Tracks the performance of Google Ads campaigns.

Lead Scoring

Assigns a value to leads based on their likelihood to convert.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Assigns credit to all marketing touchpoints in a customer's journey towards conversion.

Predictive Analytics

Uses data analysis to make predictions about future outcomes.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Uses data analysis to assign a value to leads based on their likelihood to convert in the future.

Real-Time Analytics

Provides data analysis in real-time for up-to-the-minute insights.

Real-time Interaction Tracking

Tracks customer interactions in real time.

ROI Tracking

Tracks the return on investment of marketing efforts.

Sales Funnel Visualization

Visualizes the sales funnel for easy understanding of customer journeys.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyzes text data to determine customer sentiment towards the brand.

User Behavior Predictive Modeling

Uses data analysis to predict future user behavior.

User Event Tracking

Tracks specific actions or events undertaken by users.

User Journey Analytics

Analyzes the paths users take from their initial interaction to their.

Web Tracking

Tracks user activity and behavior on a website.

UTM Tracking

Uses Urchin Tracking Module parameters to track specific URL campaigns and traffic sources.

Deployment and Data Management

Expand for All Deployment and Data Management Features

Big Data Ready

Equipped to handle large volumes of data efficiently.

Cloud and On-Premises Deployment

Offers flexible deployment options, either on the cloud or on-premises.

Full Sandbox

Provides a testing environment that allows users to try changes before implementing them in the live system.

Library of Templates and Best Practices

Offers a range of pre-made templates and industry best practices for easy implementation.

Email and SMS Marketing

Expand for All Email and SMS Marketing Features

Behavioral Email Marketing

Sends emails based on the behavior of recipients.

Broadcast Calendar

Manages and schedules broadcast messages.

Dedicated Deliverability Specialist

Provides a specialist to ensure high email deliverability rates.

Drip Campaigns

Sends a series of messages to leads and customers over time.

Dynamic Variable Personalization

Customizes content based on variables such as recipient name or past behavior.

Email Campaign Management

Provides tools to create, send, and track email campaigns.

Email Deliverability Tracking

Monitors the deliverability of emails.

Email Engagement

Measures how recipients engage with emails.

MMS Messaging

Sends multimedia messages to customers.

Personalized Email Templates

Provides email templates that can be personalized for each recipient.

Personalized SMS Messages

Sends text messages that are personalized for each recipient.

SMS Marketing

Sends promotional messages to customers via text message.

SMS Messaging

Sends text messages to customers.

Marketing Automation

Expand for All Marketing Automation Features

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Sends automated reminders to customers who left items in their shopping cart.

Account-Based Journeys

Personalizes customer journeys based on individual client accounts.

Behavioral Triggers

Activates automated actions based on specific customer behaviors.

Cross-Object Creation

Creates associations between different data objects.

Dynamic Content

Displays content that changes based on predefined rules and user behavior.

Email and Text Notifications

Sends notifications via email and text message.

Event-based Notifications

Sends notifications based on specific events.

Intelligent Submission Routing

Automatically routes form submissions to the appropriate personnel or department.

Marketing Automation Workflows

Automates processes in the marketing journey.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Automates marketing across multiple channels.

Onboarding Automation

Automates the customer onboarding process.

Real-time Personalization

Personalizes customer experiences in real-time based on behavior and data.

Seamless Sales Integration

Integrates seamlessly with sales systems and processes.

Upselling and Cross-selling Automation

Automates the process of recommending additional products or upgrades to customers.

Third-Party Integration

Expand for All Third-Party Integration Features

Chatbot Integration

Integrates with chatbots for automated customer service.

E-commerce Integration

Integrates with e-commerce platforms for seamless online selling and two-way data integration.

External HTTP Requests

Sends HTTP requests to external systems for integration purposes.

GSuite Email Integration

Integrates with Google's GSuite email system for enhanced communication and coordination.

Microsoft Email Integration

Integrates with Microsoft's email services, facilitating streamlined communication.

RESTful API Integration

Offers RESTful API for seamless integration with other software or third-party services.

Third-Party App Integrations

Allows integration with a wide variety of third-party applications for extended functionality.

Workato Connector

Provides a connector for Workato, a platform for automating business workflows.

Zapier Connector

Offers a connector for Zapier, allowing the software to connect and share data with thousands of other applications.

User Roles and Permissions

Expand for All User Roles and Permissions Features

Audit Logs

Keeps track of user activity and changes within the system for auditing purposes.

Custom Permission Groups

Allows creating custom groups with specific permissions.

Easy, Code-Free Advanced Data Governance

Provides an easy way to manage and control access to data without needing to write code.

Field-Level Permissions

Show, hide, allow edit/delete, or grant full permissions for every individual data field within your account.

Multiple User Roles

Supports different roles with specific access and permission levels.

Object-Level Permissions

Allows setting permissions at the object level, i.e. the highest level of data grouping within your account: contacts, companies, or any other set of data that’s important to your business and that you want to track within Kizen.

Ownership-Level Permissions

Allows setting permissions based on data ownership.

Page-Level Permissions

Allows setting view & edit permissions at the individual page level across your entire account.

Website and App Management

Expand for All Website and App Management Features

Complete Mobile Functionality

Offers full functionality on mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

Landing Page Builder

Provides an easy-to-use tool for creating and customizing landing pages.

Mobile App Integration

Integrates seamlessly with mobile apps for consistent user experience across platforms.

Personalized Content Curation

Provides content tailored to the individual user's interests, behaviors, interactions with your organization, and preferences.

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